Celebrate Chinese New Year with 5 delicious Chinese restaurants in Mobile

Chinese Food
There are so many tasty Chinese foods out there to try. (Miranda Shaffer / The Bama Buzz)

Chinese New Year is Tuesday, February 1, and what better way to celebrate than enjoying cuisine from the culture. Whether you’re a fan of Wonton Soup, egg rolls or fried rice, you can taste the flavors of China right here in Mobile with five of the best Chinese restaurants in town.

1. Asian Garden

Chinese Restaurants In Mobile
Celebrate the Chinese New Year in Mobile. (Asian Garden)

The most common foods eaten for Chinese New Year include dumplings, fish, spring rolls and Nian Gao (a glutinous rice cake). At Asian Garden, you can find almost all of these dishes such as their veggie or chicken spring rolls, pork dumplings and Asian Flounder.

They also have tasty desserts like tempura cheesecake and Asian doughnuts.

2. China Doll Restaurant

Chinese Restaurants In Mobile
Try China Doll, one of the many amazing Chinese restaurants in Mobile. (China Doll / Facebook)

China Doll is the perfect spot to get your fill of Chinese staples. They have everything from Kung Pao Chicken to steamed buns to roast duck. Try their eggplant with garlic sauce, it’s a popular veggie in China.

3. China Chef

Chinese Restaurants In Mobile
You can never go wrong with fried dumplings. (Unsplash)

Start off your meal at China Chef in Mobile with some of their crab rangoons. They’re a house specialty, and since they’ve been viral on TikTok lately, I know I’ve been craving them more and more.

Next, try a Chinese classic like egg drop or wonton soup to stay warm on these chilly winter days.

4. No. 1 China

Chinese Restaurants In Mobile
Try mouthwatering dishes at these Chinese restaurants in Mobile. (Unsplash)

At No. 1 China, the portions are always huge and the food is always hot and flavorful. Get the biggest bang for your buck with thier $9 combo plates featuring classic dishes like Sesame Chicken, Mongolian Beef, Shrimp Lo Mein and more. It also comes with rice and an egg roll.

5. Hong Kong Express

Chinese Food
Fried rice is a go-to with my order. (Unsplash)

In a world of Covid and staying safe at home, having a go-to takeout spot is a must. This is where Hong Kong Express comes in as some of the best-rated takeout Chinese in Mobile. It’s just as authentic and delicious as any sit-down spot with favorites like Sweet & Sour Chicken, Beef Chow Mein and Chicken Fried Rice.

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