Celebrate Mardi Gras the sweet way—8 places to find king cake in Mobile

King Cake, Mobile, King Cake In Mobile
It’s the tastiest time of the year! (Bread by Beck)

With Mardi Gras quickly approaching, it’s finally time to start preparing for the tastiest part of the celebrations: purchasing king cake. Not sure where to start? We’ve rounded up eight places for you to find the perfect king cake in Mobile to keep all to yourself or share with others.

1. Pollman’s Bake Shop

King Cake, Mobile, King Cake In Mobile
Looking for a traditional king cake? Pollman’s Bake Shop has got you covered. (Pollman’s Bake Shop)

Pollman’s Bake Shop is well known in Mobile for its high-quality, traditional king cakes. If you’re looking to support a local business and snag a Mardi Gras classic, Pollman’s Bake Shop may be the perfect choice for you.

You can order online or by phone for pickup.

2. Sugar Rush Donut Company

King Cake, Mobile, King Cake In Mobile
Sugar Rush Donut Company offers king cake year-round. (Sugar Rush Donut Company)

Year-round king cake? Yes, please! Sugar Rush Donut Company offers both king cake and king cake inspired treats to satisfy your sweet tooth the Mardi Gras way, even if Mardi Gras has ended.

Orders can be made by phone or in person.

3. Bread By Beck

King Cake, Mobile, King Cake In Mobile
If you purchase from Bread by Beck, you are supporting a small, local business. (Bread by Beck)

Rebecca Wattier worked for the Atlanta Bread Company for 14 years before starting Bread by Beck as a way to pay off her medical debt and do something with her free time.

Wattier requires orders to be made at least 24 hours in advance over Facebook. Though she doesn’t currently have a storefront, she allows clients to pick up their orders from her home in midtown and will deliver for an additional $10 fee.

  • Bread By Beck: Facebook
  • Price: $4 slice | $10 mini | $22 whole

4. Rouses Markets

King Cake, Mobile, King Cake In Mobile
Even Mobile’s grocery stores are filled to the brim with king cake. (Rouses Markets)

Don’t have time to stop by a bakery? You can easily find a delicious king cake while you shop for groceries.

Stop by the location closest to you or order online.

5. Bake My Day

King Cake, Mobile, King Cake In Mobile
King cake cupcakes? Yes, please. (Bake My Day)

Bake My Day’s king cake is perfect for the ones who love Mardi Gras, but also love modernizing traditions. Their king cake is individually portioned, much like cupcakes.

Bake My Day begins selling king cake on February 1st. Pre-orders are available with a minimum requirement of a half dozen cakes and 48-hours advanced notice. Call or message on Facebook to order your own. In a pinch? They also sell king cake daily during Mardi Gras season at their store.

6. Flour Girls Bakery

King Cake, Mobile, King Cake In Mobile
Flour Girls Bakery has some of the biggest and most delicious king cakes around. (Flour Girl Bakery)

Providing the king cake for a gigantic party? Look no further than Flour Girls Bakery. Their large king cake provides over 35 servings so you can make sure that your king cake is both the biggest object and biggest hit at your next Mardi Gras celebration. Want to spice things up? Try their king cake inspired cheesecake.

King cake is available by order only. Call or message them on Facebook to get your own.

7. Guncles Gluten Free

King Cake, Mobile, King Cake In Mobile
Shake it up a bit with one of Guncles Gluten Free’s unique flavors. (Guncles Gluten Free)

Do you ever wish your favorite Mardi Gras treat had a bigger variety of flavors? Guncles Gluten Free has you covered. They offer a choice of three flavors: cinnamon, blueberry-lemon and strawberry-cream cheese.

The last day to order a king cake from Guncles Gluten Free is February 20th, 2022. Call, visit their website, or visit their store to order your own gluten-free king cake for pickup.

8. Dropout Bakery & Company

Dropout Bakery & Company is another great option for trying new flavors of king cake. The bakery offers four different flavors: brown butter cream cheese, pecan praline, Raspberry Lemon and, finally, PB&J. Looking for a small portion? Try their cakelet size.

Order online, or message Dropout Bakery & Company on Facebook or Instagram to purchase one of their delectable treats for yourself.

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