Check out these 7 classic BBQ restaurants in Tuscaloosa

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Moe’s BBQ is a popular BBQ place ideally located in downtown Tuscaloosa. (Morgan Byerley/ The Bama Buzz)

Anyone who has been to Tuscaloosa knows the air is just different. Maybe it’s the university “where legends are made” or the renowned Crimson Tide with 18 national championship wins. But maybe it’s the distinct smell of BBQ that never leaves the air: slow-roasted ribs dripping with sauce and shredded pulled pork on hamburger buns. Keep reading to discover the iconic BBQ restaurants of T-town.

1. Dreamland BBQ

Ribs, Mac N’ Cheese and Cole Slaw: it doesn’t get better than that. (The Bama Buzz)

Dreamland BBQ is truly what dreams are made of. First opened by John Bishop in 1958, this BBQ restaurant rose to fame with its hickory-smoked ribs. Sixty years later, their legendary ribs covered with Dreamland’s vinegar-based sauce continue to draw a crowd, and you can find them in locations across Alabama and the Southeast.

2. Archibald & Woodrow’s BBQ

Barbeque is a honed craft, defined by faded family recipe books, large community gatherings and plenty of patience. This is especially true of Archibald and Woodrow’s BBQ, established in 1968 by George and Betty Archibald.

Three generations later, Archibald and Woodrow’s has remained a family business and continues to sell hickory-smoked ribs out of their original cinder block restaurant.

3. Jim ‘N Nicks

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Jim ‘N Nicks classic spare ribs can come with trimmings like mac and cheese, baked beans and cole slaw. (Jim N’ Nicks/ Facebook)

Jim ‘N Nicks was founded in 1985 by Jim Pihakis and his son Nick out of a converted pizza parlor in Birmingham. Menu items like their Classic Pulled Pork Smoked Wings and Loaded Mac and Cheese have established Jim ‘N Nicks as an iconic BBQ restaurant in Alabama and beyond, with 42 restaurants across six states.

4. Full Moon BBQ

Full Moon BBQ has it all: buffalo-style wings, barbeque turkey sandwiches and their famous Half Moon cookies. These cookies along with their vinaigrette slaw are so good that they made the list of “100 Dishes to Eat in Alabama Before You Die.”

5. Moe’s Original BBQ

From pork Tacos to classic BBQ options like wings and ribs, Moe’s offers it all. (Moe’s BBQ/ Instagram)

From slow-smoked pork shoulder to St. Louis-style spare ribs, Moe’s is an iconic BBQ restaurant with roots in Tuscaloosa. Founders Mike Fernandez, Ben Gilbert and Jeff Kennedy met at the University of Alabama and eventually relocated to Colorado to further master their BBQ craft. Today, Moe’s BBQ brings its signature BBQ to locations across the U.S. with locations as far as California and Maine.

6. Hoo’s Q & Brew

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Hoo’s Q and Brew offers daily lunch specials like a Pork sandwich and the Almost Good For You Salad. (Hoo’s Q and Brew/ Facebook)

Hoo’s Q and Brew brings an innovative twist to your classic BBQ restaurant. Alongside BBQ options like their Rib Plate and Smoked Chicken sandwich, they also offer a variety of craft beers. Be sure to stop by during one of their Happy Hour specials to try their classic BBQ options with discounted drinks.

7. Thomas Rib Shack

Thomas Rib Shack offers a special Sunday menu with options like Chitlin Dinner and Catfish plate. (Thomas Rib Shack/ Facebook)

First opening as a backyard grocery store in 1971, Thomas Rib Shack is now a family-owned restaurant serving classic southern dishes and BBQ. With options like Catfish Dinner, BBQ pork and southern-style green beans, this soul food and BBQ restaurant has options everyone will enjoy.

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