New hurricane preparedness list from the City of Mobile is out—get ready now.

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View of Downtown Mobile from Greer’s rooftop. (Liv George / The Bama Buzz)

As hurricane season begins on the Gulf Coast, coastal Alabama residents need to be prepared. Here’s how you can get started today.

Build a Disaster Kit

The City Of Mobile Disaster Kit Copy
Get your shopping list ready. (City of Mobile)

The Build a Disaster Kit will help you pack a kit full of essentials you’ll need in the event of a hurricane. Some of the basics include: 

  • Water 
  • Food
  • Flashlights 

a couple of surprises—to me—include:

  • Local maps 
  • Whistles 

Build a Pet Hurricane Kit

Pet Hurricane Kit
Got to keep your fur babies safe too. (City of Mobile)

The City of Mobile knows how important pet safety is—especially during hurricane season. That’s why they created a disaster kit list specifically for pets! If you and your pet are separated, something as simple as a photo of you and your pet can help you get reunited with your furbaby. Pets will also need:

  • Food 
  • Water 
  • Medicine 

just like humans among other things so having that on hand is important.

Additional Emergency Supplies

The City Of Mobile Disaster Kit
(City of Mobile)

Aside from the basic necessities of building your kit. The city realized there were a few items that needed to be included like:

  • Sleeping Bags/Blankets 
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Puzzles or books for children 
  • Most importantly, cash 

It is always best to stay prepared during natural disaster seasons. Visit if you would like more information or resources on emergency preparedness.

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