City of Mobile increasing recycling efforts with a new $340,000 grant

Recycling Mobile
Let’s keep the streets of Mobile clean. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

“Go green” may be the new motto for the City of Mobile. After being granted $340,000, Mobile is now planning to increase its recycling efforts across the county. Keep reading for more details.

A city with a mission of recycling

A new recycling center is the news we like to hear. (City of Mobile / Facebook)

The Alabama Department of Environmental Management granted the City of Mobile $340,000 to help the city boost its efforts to recycle. This will include:

  • A third recycling drop-off center
  • Examine the possibility of more ways to recycle in Mobile County
  • Promoting public education

This grant is a big deal—or should we say “green deal”—for the City of Mobile.

“We already have a strong recycling community in Mobile, and we are thrilled to have received this additional funding from ADEM to provide even better services for Mobilians.

The research we did last year showed two of the main reasons people in our community don’t recycle are the lack of convenient locations and information about where they can recycle. My hope is this grant will allow us to address both of those issues and do so quickly.”  

Sandy Stimpson, Mayor, City of Mobile

Finding the best location

Mobile, Alabama
Downtown Mobile, Alabama in the day. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Part of the money from the grant will go towards a new recycling center. You may be wondering where is this going to be? Well, within the next few months the City of Mobile is going to collect zip code data from users of the current recycling centers. This data will help find a location for the third center that’s convenient for the most amount of Mobile residents.

We’re excited to see how this new recycling center plus all of the other amazing green efforts will make Mobile an even better city.

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