Construction begins on an $87M peanut facility in Alabama

Governor Ivy Breaks Ground With Costal Growers At Site Of New Peanut Facility
Breaking ground in Atmore, Alabama. Photo via Alabama Department of Commerce

What’s got everyone going nuts over this new peanut facility 🥜? Keep reading to find out.

Initially announced in September 2020, Coastal Growers LLC broke ground on their $87 million shelling and storage facility on Wednesday March 10. This peanut facility will be developed on more than sixty acres in the Atmore Industrial Park in Atmore, Alabama.

Creating a peanut facility and opportunity

Owners At Alabama Peanut Co
They take Alabama peanuts and make delicious snacks at Alabama Peanut Co. Photo via Bama Buzz

What most people are buzzing about is that the company is owned by a cooperative of Southern peanut farmers.

Officials say Atmore’s new peanut facility will allow farmers to gain more profit from their own crops and have more control over their own operations. They envision this facility to become a hub for peanut shelling in the region while attracting other businesses, too.

Governor Ivey supports this peanut facility, stating it will create one hundred and fifty new jobs opportunities in the Southwestern Alabama area.

I’m thrilled for the people of Atmore, and the surrounding area, to see this facility is ready to begin taking shape. Our state has a storied tradition of peanut production, which provides an estimated $200 million to our economy.

Governor Ivey

Governor Ivey adds, This will be a great addition to our state’s economy.”

In the initial press release, Paul Turner, an attorney representing Coastal Growers LLC, said the average wage in the plant will be more than $17 per hour for full-time workers. There will also be temporary positions added during peak shelling times, creating even more jobs.

The Coastal Growers facility will become a critical resource for peanut farmers in Alabama and beyond by helping them make their operations more sustainable and profitable.

Greg Canfield, Secretary of the Alabama Department of Commerce

Secretary Canfield looks forward to seeing the significant impact that this peanut facility will have for farmers and for the Southwestern Alabama region.

Launching this past week, it is estimated to be a year before the peanut facility is built. This peanut facility is a huge project, spanning more than four hundred thosuand square feet.

Dothan’s Hollis & Spann Inc. is leading this construction project. This a fitting choice given Dothan’s affinity for peanuts.

Bring a community together

Pile Of Dried Peanuts
Alabama leads in peanut production. Photo via Tom Hermans on Unsplash

Alabama Farmers Federation and the Alabama Peanut Producers Association contributed to Coastal Growers’ project.

We are very proud and thankful here in Escambia County for this project, and what it will mean for our farmers across Alabama. Coastal Growers is not just about the jobs it will create at its shelling plant, but also about the better profit margins that will be realized by the farmers who send their product there.

Jess Nicholas, executive director of Escambia County Industrial Development Authority

Nicholas went on to add Escambia’s gratitude toward Governor Ivey for supporting the peanut facility. He concludes, saying, “Today was a big win for our state and will lead to further investment in this area soon.”

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