5 of the best spots for Southern comfort food, according to Huntsvillians

Southern Comfort Food In Huntsville
Count me in for any Southern comfort food. (Blue Plate Cafe/Facebook)

With the cold weather outside, we wanted to know Huntsvillian’s go-to spots for Southern comfort food to warm the soul, so we took to Facebook to get feedback by polling our audience. Here are five spots you all recommended.

1. Walton’s Southern Table

Southern Comfort Food In Huntsville
What are your other Southern favorites? (Walton’s Southern Table/Facebook)

What’s more Southern comfort than fried green tomatoes? My friends rave about Walton’s Southern Table, so it must be to die for.

2. G’s Country Kitchen

Southern Comfort Food In Huntsville
Eyeing the menu. (G’s Country Kitchen/Facebook)

G’s Country Kitchen was a frequent response from Huntsvillians.

Finish your meal with a banana pudding. What could be better than that?

3. Betty Mae’s Restaurant

Southern Comfort Food In Huntsville
Take a peek at the menu. (Betty Mae’s Restaurant/Facebook)

At Betty Mae’s, you get a meat, two sides, a roll or cornbread, dessert and a drink.

4. Sac’s Kitchen

Southern Comfort Food In Huntsville
The possibilities are endless. (Sac’s Kitchen/Facebook)

Which meat and sides would you pick? I can’t resist potato salad.

5. Blue Plate Cafe

Southern Comfort Food In Huntsville
Delish. (Blue Plate Cafe/Facebook)

I crave southern comfort food when I’m missing home. My go-to—hush puppies. Needless to say, I’m forever in debt to my friends who would bring me some when I was blue. If you love ’em, too, this is the restaurant for you.

Looking for some Southern comfort food in Birmingham? Look no further.

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