Crumbl Cookies headed to Tiger Town in Opelika

Crumbl Cookies
The infamous gourmet giant cookies. (Crumbl Cookies Vestavia Hills / Facebook)

One of the most unique cookie shops in the nation is coming to The Plains and we couldn’t be more excited. Crumbl Cookies plans to open early this spring at 2638 Enterprise Drive, here’s all you need to know.

How the cookie crumbled

Crumbl Cookies
Sketch of the very first Crumbl Cookies location. (Crumbl Cookies / Facebook)

Jason McGowan and Sawyer Hemsley started Crumbl Cookies in 2017 at a quaint storefront in Logan, Utah. These cousins started off only serving fresh chocolate chip cookies for takeout and delivery. The company rapidly grew, along with their variety of flavors. Crumbl now has over 300 bakeries throughout 36 different states, making it the fastest growing cookie company in the country.

In December 2018, the weekly rotation of four flavors was officially established. You can get a notorious cookie flight featuring the classic chocolate chip along with four to five new flavors each week. Funky flavors include caramel popcorn, neapolitan, key lime pie and many more.

Going viral

I’ll take one of each. (Crumbl Cookies vestavia Hills / Facebook)

What really launched Crumbl into the public eye was TikTok. In February 2021, they became an overnight sensation through a video showcasing their strawberry pop-tart cookie, earning them 2.5M views and 305.8K likes. The company instantly took TikTok by storm and now have 3.4M followers. Users soon started posting #crumblreviews, where influencers and creators taste and rate the different flavors of the week.

Alabama locations

Crumbl Cookies
A great community at Crumbl. (Greater Seminole Area Chamber of Commerce / Facebook)

The Tiger Town location will become the state’s fifth location in the last three years. Other Alabama shops include:

Keep an eye out for these sweet treats coming to Tiger Town in Opelika early this spring.

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