Cupbop–as seen on Shark Tank—coming soon to Auburn

Cupbop, a popular Korean-barbecue-in-a-cup restaurant, has started construction on its first Alabama location. Auburn, get excited for this one. The Sharks loved the concept, and we think you will too.

Cupbop was featured on Shark Tank

Founded by Junghun Song in 2013, Cupbop started with a food truck and a mission to serve up fun, flavorful Korean food. They started out in Utah and, with the help of Song’s business partner Dok Kwon, have now expanded throughout several states.

Now, they’re coming to Alabama.

On season 13 of Shark Tank, Cupbop made a big impression with the Sharks. They loved their fun Korean-food-in-a-cup concept, and the owners received multiple offers. After negotiations and conversation, the enthusiastic business partners made a deal with Mark Cuban—$1 million for 5% equity in Cupbop.

But what makes Cupbop so special? First, the upbeat energy of the storefronts is contagious.

“We want to give a really good experience with our customers. We high five all the time. We’re hugging. We’re dancing together. Korean people are the party people!”

Junghun Song on Shark Tank

Second, the food is incredible. They have different “Bops”—large cups filled with Korean food. For instance, the Rock Bop has Korean-style tangy fried chicken and the B Bop has Korean-style barbecue beef.

One of the best parts, though, are their incredible sauces numbered #1 (sweet) to #10 (heat)—oh, and there are decimals in between. According to their website:

“The most popular is #7.5—Korean spicy. Why the half number? Because Jung loves to be playful. He’ll make you a #6.35 too.”

Cupbop is opening in Auburn soon

According to the Auburn-Opelika News, Cupbop has not announced an opening date yet. However, they have received a liquor license and started construction for the new location.

We’ll keep you updated on the latest on Alabama’s first Cupbop!

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