Cute alert: 5 places to meet sheep in Alabama

1818 Farms Sheep
Cute alert: 5 places to meet sheep in Alabama 1

Every spring, social media is filled with adorable photos of sheep and lambs, usually lounging in a sunny field or munching on hay. If those pics are something you want to see in real life, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn more about 5 sheep farms in Alabama.

1. 1818 Farms

The most famous farm in Alabama is probably 1818 Farms. Located in Mooresville, 1818 Farms was named Amazon’s top woman-owned business of the year in 2019 and was featured on a slew of TV shows, including The View. They are famous for their line of lotions, soaps, chapsticks and more, all made from plants and animals raised on the farm. Their babydoll sheep are iconic across social media and each year they host a shearing day where people can tune in (or visit in less contagious times) to watch these guys get their summer haircuts.

While they are not welcoming visitors again just yet, I recommend a long scroll through their social media for a cute virtual vacation.

2. Dayspring Dairy

Dayspring Dairy is home to a large number of sheep who look absolutely adorable. Dayspring’s sheep are also responsible for their award-winning sheep milk cheese products that have been featured everywhere from Garnd & Gun to Southern Living to The New York Times.

For a behind-the-scenes look at how sheep milk cheese is made, and how their sheep are raised, contact them to schedule a tour or sign up for a volunteer opportunity.

3. Grateful Akers

Specializing in American Blackbelly sheep, Grateful Akers Farm and Apiary is a family-owned farm in Central Alabama focused on sustainability. While these sheep resemble goats, they are in fact sheep. But like goats, they grow horns and have shorter, straighter wool.

4. Dorper Fields Farm

 Dorper Fields Farm Sheep
What a cute little lamb family. Photo via Dorper Fields Farm

If the name didn’t already tip you off, Dorper Fields Farm primarily raises black head Dorper sheep. These sheep originated in South Africa and are easily distinguished by their black heads and white or brown bodies. Dorper Fields Farm is a family-owned and operated farm, and their sheep are so adorable it almost hurts.

5. Crosscreek Farm

Crosscreek Farm Sheep
Sheep also double as lawnmowers here. Photo via Crosscreek Farms

Crosscreek Farm in Cottondale specializes in St. Croix sheep (not to be confused with La Croix). These sheep are great for farms in the South because they are more parasite-resistant than other breeds common to Alabama. This family-run farm has been breeding St. Croix sheep for 15 years.

Want to see more cute farm animals? Check out our guide to goats in Alabama.

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