Daphne ranked among top 25 best cities for snowbirds

Beautiful blue daze dwarf morning glory brightening the City of Daphne’s welcoming sign. (City of Daphne)

With Daphne being less than an hour drive from beautiful, white sandy beaches or less than thirty minutes from the birthplace of Mardi Gras, it is no secret that it’s a popular destination. According to business news publication, TheStreet, Daphne was listed as a prime location for snowbirds in 2023. Continue reading to find out why.

The Jubilee City represents Alabama well

Many may still be late to understanding what the term “snowbird” means. Despite various theories, a snowbird is simply just an individual that moves to warmer states during the cold, wintery season of their hometown.

Migrating down to the south is the perfect way for snowbirds to experience the great southern comfort of foods we have to offer. With top-tier southern hospitality, snowbirds won’t want to miss out on these dining spots located in the heart of Daphne:

Daphne ranks No. 12

New Al Guarisco Boardwalk & Trail (City of Daphne)

The south is the perfect destination for many of these snowbirds, because Alabama weather tends to be warmer year-round than chiller states up north. Whether you are wearing shorts and tanks on Christmas Day or some swim trunks in Mid-February, Alabama gives snowbirds the best weather to experience beach days during the winter.

According to TheStreet, Daphne ranked No. 12 in the nation due to many attractive attributes to snowbirds. Along with Daphne, Dothan ranks at No. 18. Check out the 20 best cities for snowbirds that also made the list: 

  1. Naples, FL
  2. Sebring, FL
  3. The Villages, FL
  4. Sebastian, FL
  5. Punta Gorda, FL
  6. Brunswick, GA
  7. Homosassa Springs, FL
  8. Cape Coral, FL
  9. North Port, FL
  10. Deltona, FL
  11. Kahului, HI
  12. Daphne, AL
  13. Savannah, GA
  14. Hilton Head Island, SC
  15. Port St. Lucie, FL
  16. Ocala, FL
  17. New Orleans, LA
  18. Dothan, AL
  19. Carson City, NV
  20. Tampa, FL

Research supports ranking

Daphne knows how to let the good times roll, too! (City of Mobile)

According to extensive research completed by personal finance site, Finance Buzz, four major categories were pinpointed into ranking over 183 cities based on snowbirds appeal- affordability, livability, culture & recreation and temperature & climate. Let’s check out how Daphne scored:

  • Livability: 11.7/25
  • Affordability: 20.7/25
  • Culture/Recreation: 14.8/25
  • Temperature/Climate: 14/25
  • Overall Score: 61.2/100

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