Department of Education recruiting the next gen of smart teachers

Side Of Ramsay High School
Birmingham’s Ramsay High School. Photo via Bham Now

Attention all incoming teachers! Alabama is facing an emerging teacher shortage and the Alabama Department of Education is launching a campaign to recruit the next gen of teachers. They are looking for Alabama’s outstanding teachers who want to receive their teaching certificate. How can you help? Keep reading to find out more.

The next generation of teachers

Two Teachers Posing At Tunnel In Front Of School
Alabama’s teachers. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

Unfortunately, Alabama is experiencing a shortage of teachers. But the Department of Education has a plan to encourage students to pursue a teaching career. Through social media, YouTube, radio and ads, they hope to spark the interest of high school and college students.

They also have developed an updated website with all the tools you’ll need to become a teacher. Check out the useful site so you can take those first steps to being certified. If you’re a teacher, you can also share your own personal stories.

Making an impact

Teaching is a great way to make stories and have a positive impact on a child’s life. The Department of Education wants everyone to realize this too. They are working with long-term advertising and public relations team to grab the attention of Alabama’s future teachers. This is also only the first wave of the plan. Keep on the lookout for more to come!

What’s happening with schools?

Three Teachers In Front Of Colorful Mural
T.R. Freeman, Trevor Hauenstein + Lisa Balazs. Photo via Bham Now.

With the lessening numbers of teachers, schools have to be resourceful with new hires. Out of 144 school districts, 123 have hired teachers on emergency certificates.

Looking for a teaching job? Check out these three doable steps:

  1. Gain your degree
  2. Earn your certification from Teachers of Tomorrow (a notable program recommended by Alabama Department of Education)
  3. Complete the Praxis exam (here’s how to register)

“We need young people who want to make a difference in their community and our state by teaching. From kindergarten to graduation, our focus is helping prepare students to become more productive citizens through subjects including reading, math and science – and teachers are the key. We must recruit more high-quality teachers to help prepare our state for the future in a high-tech economy.  This campaign will encourage young people to answer their calling and join a valued community that makes a difference in countless lives.”

Dr. Eric G. Mackey, Superintendent of Education

This campaign is happening because of Governor Kay Ivey’s efforts. In May, she signed the Act 2021-330 which increased the teacher salary with the potential addition of $20K in annual pay. Not only are you helping create stories as a teacher, but you’ll benefit from better pay!

We are confident that Alabama can get more people to pursue teaching. Alabama is truly going the distance to highlight the importance of teachers for current and future generations.

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