Dothan ranked among Top 15 national destinations by United Van Lines

A graphic welcoming new visitors to Dothan. Photo via City of Dothan Government on Facebook

Ever thought about moving to Dothan for more than just their Peanut Festival? Well, get ready, cause here’s another reason to give it some more thought. According to an annual report by moving company United Van Lines, Dothan, AL was ranked in the top 15 destinations in the country that people moved to in 2021. Keep reading to learn more about what this means for Alabama.

Also known as the “Peanut Capital of the World”, Dothan was ranked number 11 in the 2021 annual report by United Van Lines, which is a report they put out to show shifting population trends across the country from the previous year. Dothan ranks alongside Huntsville in the top 15. In fact, 70% of all moves in Dothan involved residents moving into the metro area, rather than leaving.

According to the report, Covid has continued to impact where people are looking to move to in the US. More people are leaving bigger cities with the increased freedom for remote working, allowing people to live closer to family and in lower-density areas. Alabama overall was ranked number 6 in the 2021 report in comparison to 2020 with an inbound rate of 62%. Take a look at the reasons why people moved.

  • ​​Job (45.35%)
  • Family (26.74%)
  • Retirement (16.28%)
  • Lifestyle (12.79%)
  • Health (4.07%)

To learn more about United Van Lines’ 2021 National Movers Study, click here.

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Sabrina Palmer
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