Eclipse Coffee and Books returning to Montevallo with new name, new place

Strand Coffeehouse
The former Strand Coffeehouse. (Pat Byington / The Bama Buzz)

Eclipse Coffee and Books has set social media ablaze with two posts over the past week. The popular coffee shop closed its location on Main Street in 2018 and went silent on social media for nearly six years before posting earlier this week.

Eclipse Coffe and Books Facebook post

The post immediately brought questions from Eclipse fans wondering what it meant and how soon they could get their coffee. Just a few days later, Eclipse posted that is has signed a new lease at the Strand building at 616 Main Street in Montevallo.

“Our goal is to bring back the community spirit and vibe we had at Eclipse. We still have to work out what equipment we can fit in there to know exactly what we can serve but our focus will be on coffee, wine, and of COURSE Milk Shakes and more… stay tuned…”

~ Eclipse Coffee and Books posted to Facebook


While Eclipse may be the ones breaking the news of the latest opening, those searching for the spot will need a new name to look for.

In its social media posts, the coffee shop posted a logo and hashtag with “Meri Moon”, seemingly hinting at the name for the new location on Main Street. A new name shouldn’t have old fans worried though as the company responded to several comments on the post about the new location saying they still hope to include all of its mainstays including a library.

Community response

Eclipse is the latest business to take a shot at opening a business in the Strand building. But if the social media buzz tells us anything, this one may be here for the long run.

Over the last two years, Strand has been home to the Strand Coffeehouse and Baba Java Coffee. Montevallo is hoping this could be the more permanent home to a coffee shop they already seem to know and love.

The two posts on Facebook received over 2,000 likes and nearly another thousand comments, as people quickly started spreading the news to friends and family they shared experiences with at the old Eclipse coffee shop.

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Coffee Art” by amanda28192 is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

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