Era vintage shop now in Waverly + will hold a grand re-opening street market event

Era Wavily
Jasmine Oliver, owner and founder of Era. (Audrey Kent / The Bama Buzz)

If you’re anything like us, you know there’s nothing like a day of antiquing with your coffee in hand, ecstatic when you find that item you know was meant for you. In Waverly, Alabama, there’s a new spot to do just that.

We have the deets on the new Era Waverly, plus an upcoming vintage street market that die-hard vintage lovers and curious browsers will love! Keep reading to find out more.

The woman behind the wares at Era Waverly

Era Waverly
Era Waverly is Waverly’s newest antique store. (Audrey Kent / The Bama Buzz)

Era vintage and antique store specializes in cherry-picked vintage items from every era, whether that be clothes, jewelry, furniture, bar ware, kitschy decor and more. 

Jasmine Oliver, the founder and owner of Era, brought her company to Downtown Opelika, Alabama, as a brick-and-mortar store in 2021. Oliver curates all the store’s inventory herself, traveling to find the most special and eye-catching pieces.

However, in August, Era Opelika became Era Waverly when Oliver moved her store to the small town of Waverly, Alabama, located about 20 minutes away from Opelika.

Oliver said that the moving process was hard because she is a one-woman show. She hired a few helpers for the heavy-lifting, but besides that, the process was up to her to complete. Despite the challenge of moving her store, Oliver was content to be in Waverly, the town she grew up in.

“Waverly is really family-oriented. Quiet. It’s just really fun to be back. It’s warm, you know, like memorable. It’s kind of like making the circle and coming back to where I started. All the memories and all the stories I have from when I was a kid, they’re now in my face all the time. So, it’s nice to remember.”

Jasmine Oliver, founder and owner, Era Waverly

The grand re-opening + vintage street market for Era Waverly

Era Waverly
Need a statement piece? Era Waverly has you covered. (Audrey Kent / The Bama Buzz)

To celebrate the grand re-opening of Era, now Era Waverly, Oliver will be hosting a vintage street market.

Each vendor present will be selling vintage items that come in many forms, including decor, barwear, up-cycled clothes + jewelry and handmade goods.

In May, Era held its first street market. With 25 vendors and around 1,000 guests, it was definitely a success. This year, Oliver plans to double the vendors, which means double the unique and funky items! Not only can you shop from the variety of vendors, you can also visit and shop at Era’s storefront.

Oliver will also be adding live music to the shopping experience with the performance of the jazz band, The Secret Sounds.

Era Waverly
Quirky, vintage items are a staple at Era Waverly. (Audrey Kent / The Bama Buzz)

“It’s not only a great time to shop but to meet all these people with these cool minds, thoughts and ideas. There’s going to be things you can’t find anywhere else.”

– Jasmine Oliver, founder and owner, Era Waverly

Although the street market will celebrate the grand re-opening of Era, the shop is currently open for business—so get to antiquing!

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