Everything you need to know about Honeybee Market, a new zero-waste store coming to Daphne

Honeybee Market Sign
Honeybee Market has their sign up! Photo via Melissa Royal Kennair.

Zero-waste is all the rage nowadays, and with good reason. With sustainability in mind, many individuals are looking to evaluate where we can make less waste. When you combine that with Instagram and TikTok influencers with perfectly-filled glass jars of products, it’s easy to see how the zero-waste movement really took off.

Enter Honeybee Market, a business looking to help Baldwin County make more sustainable choices by offering bulk goods sold by weight, sans packaging. We got the chance to talk to the owner, Melissa Royal Kennair to learn all about Honeybee Market.

About Honeybee Market

Owner And A Sticker
Look at how cute this logo is! Photo via Melissa Royal Kennair.

Bama Buzz: So what inspired Honeybee Market?

Kennair: “I have always been passionate about nature and preservation. I have always tried to recycle and reuse and do the best that I can to reduce my family’s waste. Then one day I literally had a meltdown in Target over buyingĀ cleaning products and the research began!”

A Woman Stands In Front Of A Doorway With Her Arms Outstretched
Progress on the renovation! Photo via Melissa Royal Kennair.

Now you may be wondering how it’s even possible to have a household goods store that sells items without packaging at all. Here’s how it works.

Bama Buzz: How will shopping at the Honeybee Market work?

Kennair: You bring your washed and dried containers from home, we will also have containers for sale, weigh them, scan them in, pick the product of your choice, fill your container, and we would do a final weigh-in at checkout. You only pay for the actual product!”

3 People Paint A Wall
Kennair and her family help put together the Honeybee Market. Photo via Melissa Royal Kennair.

Honeybee Market will sell household goods, like laundry detergent, shampoo, conditioner, and more in this bring-your-own container style. They also plan on featuring local vendors who make similar goods. The market is also a local, woman, Latina-owned business.

Though there’s no opening date set in stone yet, Kennair plans on opening the market sometime mid-October. We’ll be there to update you on opening day!

Honeybee Market

  • Address: 25325 US-98 Suite H, Daphne, AL
  • Contact: Facebook

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