Experience the joy of The Peach Truck, coming this summer

The Peach Truck
A truck full of goodness. (The Peach Tour)

Every southerner knows there’s nothing quite like a fresh, juicy peach. If you’re looking for a way to sink your teeth into one this summer, The Peach Truck is your spot. Read on to learn all about the truck touring across Alabama this summer.

Peaches on the go

The Peach Truck
Bringing the peaches to you. (The Peach Truck)

What started out as a couple selling peaches out of the back of their ‘64 Jeep Gladiator turned into a business that delivers astoundingly fresh peaches straight to your door.

You may be thinking—can’t I just get a peach at the grocery store? Let me tell you, these aren’t your average store-bought peaches. The Peach Truck partners directly with dedicated and passionate hometown farms, where each peach is hand-picked and guaranteed fresh.

This summer, The Peach Truck is touring across 24 states, delivering fresh peaches across the US (including Alabama—lucky us!). The truck is making multiple stops statewide, including:

  • Hoover
  • Irondale
  • Leeds
  • Montgomery
  • Northport
  • Tuscaloosa

It’s easy to get in on the peachy goodness. Simply visit this website, select your location, pick your products and then head to the truck on July 8.

We treat each phenomenal piece of fruit like a delicate gift from Mother Nature, deserving of the very best care as it makes its way to you.

The Peach Truck

Recipes + more

The Peach Truck
What’s cookin’? (The Peach Truck)

So, you’ve got the goods. Now what? Of course, biting straight into them is a must. But there are also plenty of fun recipes you can make with your delicious new peaches.

Enter The Peach Truck Cookbook. Featuring hundreds of recipes, this cookbook has all you need to make the most of each peach. Peach pecan sticky buns, peach lavender lemonade, white pizza with peach and peach lavender lemonade are some of the delicious treats you can easily make at home.

In a pinch, you can also check out The Peach Truck website for delectable recipes and tips on canning and freezing peaches for later.

Ready to make that peach pie? You can also add a bag or two of crunchy Georgia pecans to your pickup order.

Preorder your peaches

Best delivery ever. (The Peach Truck)

The Peach Truck has been featured on Food Network, the Today Show, The New York Times and more—I know you want to see what all the buzz is about.

Head to their website, select which location is closest to you and order up!

If you don’t want to wait ’till July (I don’t blame you), get your peach fix delivered straight to your doorstep.

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