NOW OPEN: Explore the restaurant connected to Montgomery’s Trilogy Hotel

Kinsmith Trilogy Hotel
You’re going to want to see the inside of this place. (Lacey Spear / The Bama Buzz)

Whether you live in Alabama’s capital or are just passing through, we’ve got a spot that you just have to experience.

The Trilogy Hotel in Montgomery, Alabama, has been open for a few months now, and is already a community favorite. We tried the new restaurant, Kinsmith, that’s adjacent to the hotel—here’s what we saw (and tasted).

It has unforgettable food, service + atmosphere

Kinsmith brings a unique concept to Montgomery that the community has been looking for—local, thoughtful dishes served in a unique atmosphere. Connected to the Trilogy Hotel (more on that later), Kinsmith offers breakfast, brunch and dinner inside a gorgeous, historic space.

Stepping inside Kinsmith, you’re immediately captured by the atmosphere and decor. Set inside a revival mansion built in 1851, every detail—from the checkered floors to the captivating lighting, maintains the history of the building without sacrificing modern style.

“Stepping into the Kinsmith dining room, I felt like I entered a slice of New York. I grew up in Montgomery and always wanted to find glimpses of a big city feel. Showcasing picturesque window views of downtown and masterful decor, Kinsmith momentarily transports you to a dreamy big city.” 

Lacey Spear, Senior Content Producer

This intimate dining space is the perfect place to enjoy a meal—in our case, brunch. You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, but we went for a classic with some southern pizzaz.

“I ordered the Kinsmith Omelet, and it was delicious, Filled with bacon, tomato jam and pimento cheese, every bite was flavorful and fun.” 

Lacey Spear, Senior Content Producer

We’ll definitely be coming back for seconds–but not just for the food. The connected hotel is a must-visit, too.

It’s connected to the Trilogy Hotel

Kinsmith Trilogy Hotel
Trilogy Hotel makes an impression right when guests step into the lobby. (Lacey Spear / The Bama Buzz)

Adjacent to Kinsmith is the Trilogy Hotel, a destination hotel that opened in April 2023. Located in Montgomery’s historic district on Coosa Street, the Trilogy Hotel took a historic pair of buildings—built in the early 1900s—and transformed them into a modern landmark.

The eclectic yet sophisticated interior of the Trilogy Hotel preserves its heritage but offers modern conveniences like a gym and rooftop bar. Now a spot for staying, socializing and sipping, the Trilogy Hotel is a restoration project that Montgomery residents and travelers alike can enjoy.

How you can experience it

Kinsmith Trilogy Hotel
Every inch of this place is thoughtfully designed. (Lacey Spear / The Bama Buzz)

Ready to experience Kinsmith? Here’s where you can find it.

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