Family-owned Alabama business 1818 Farms scores new TV network deal + celebrates 10-year anniversary

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The McCrary Family. (1818 Farms)

Located in historic Mooresville, 1818 Farms hosts tours, workshops + events and produces wonderful handmade gifts all from their family farm. Recently, they celebrated their 10-year business anniversary and have exciting news about a new TV network deal. Read on for the details.

Celebrating 10 years

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A truck full of wow. (1818 Farms)

What started out as a fun family project evolved into a full blown nationwide business. 1818 Farms started out as a mission to enjoy the simple things in life by working a zero-waste farm, producing handmade products and educating the public on the value of sustainability, craftsmanship and a strong sense of community.

They have plenty of happy animal residents on their farm including:

  • Babydoll Southdown sheep
  • A Nubian goat
  • Cats
  • Hens
  • Mini pigs
  • And Great Pyrenees guardian dogs

The best part? You can go visit them! Join the mailing list for updates on their public tour dates, or contact to shcedule your next special event.

Soaring success

Sales have been booming for the family-owned business, averaging at 75% revenue growth annually since 2013. Their product line has even expanded to include shea creme, bath soaks, wax sachets, face serum and more and is now available in 572 stores in 45 states and online.

“It seems like yesterday that the plan for 1818 Farms was born. It’s an honor to celebrate our ten-year anniversary milestone with our friends, family and associates who played an integral part in making our small business dream into a reality. I hope that the success of our brand inspires others to follow their dreams of opening their own business.”

Natasha McCrary, Owner & Founder, 1818 Farms

From selling hundreds of thousands shea creme jars to being named Amazon’s Woman-Owned Small Business of the Year in 2019, the McCrarys are consistently humbled by their business’ impressive growth and impactful relationships. 1818 Farms has received countless national features in publications such as Southern Lady, Real Simple, Cottage Journal, Country Living and has even appeared as a guest on The View.

Farm to TV

In an exciting new venture, 1818 Farms has partnered with BloomTV, an international online streaming service and network for all things floral. 1818 Farms will act as one of the networks “Experts” offering educational content and advice on the world of flowers and nature.

BloomTV is chock full of videos and blog content to help your garden bloom to its best. With over 100 experts from across the globe from farming experts to floral arrangement masters, BloomTV has a reach of 4.5 million. That’s a lot of flower power!

“This one of a kind lifestyle network is unlike anything else available for flower enthusiasts. I am proud to be a part of this innovative community of creatives and look forward to sharing my floral knowledge with viewers from around the world on my BloomTV affiliate channel.”

Natasha McCrary, Owner & Founder, 1818 Farms.

You can check out Natasha and her helpful content on BloomTV here.

Visit 1818 Farms

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