Federal employees, here’s how to get master’s degrees + save money

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If you’ve been holding off on getting your master’s degree, this is your sign to go for it. (Village Fox Media / Hville Blast)

Written by Lacey Spear

Federal employees, looking for a promotion? The University of North Alabama has a new partnership where you can receive a tuition scholarship and get master’s degrees online.

UNA’s new partnership with the Federal Academic Alliance (FAA) grants full-time federal employees scholarships. Since UNA offers online master’s degrees, prospects from all over the country may apply.

This means that you can juggle family life, full-time work and a master’s degree like a pro, all while saving money. The University of North Alabama is one of two in the South and the only college in Alabama to offer this tuition discount.

Learn all you need to know about this new partnership + apply today!

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