Find new treasures at these 4 North Alabama flea markets

North Alabama Flea Markets
So many treasures for you to discover at these flea markets in North Alabama. Photo via Mountain Top Flea Market

Flea markets have always reminded me of a modern-day treasure hunt. You search through rows of booths and cluttered corners piled high with antique items, vintage clothing and other oddities. Beyond the great deals, part of the draw is the search, so start hunting for your next great find with these North Alabama flea markets.

1. Mountain Top Flea Market

Flea Markets In North Alabama
Need new jewelry? You can find so many options at North Alabama flea markets. Photo via Mountain Top Flea Market

This market started out in the 1970s as a small operation with only a few vendors. However, the Mountain Top Flea Market has grown to now be one of Alabama’s most beloved and biggest flea markets.

Owners Melton and Janie Terrell have kept the traditional flea atmosphere of the market while adding bonuses for guests like great food and drink selections and fresh produce. So, if you want to enjoy some homemade ice cream while you’re here or pick up fresh veggies for dinner, you can. Looking for a new fall wardrobe? You can find it at half the price with a great selection of clothes and accessories.

Want more proof this is a must-visit market? Mountain Top Flea Market secured their spot as the best in Alabama, and they have the award to prove it. They were voted Number One in the Fairs and Flea Market Category by Alabama’s Bureau of Tourism and Travel.

2. Collinsville Trade Day Flea Market

North Alabama Flea Markets
Find a new candle at North Alabama flea markets. Photo via Collinsville Trade Day

Travel to Collinsville, and you’ll find one of the largest outdoor flea markets in the South. Open every Saturday, Collinsville Trade Day houses a variety of stalls selling antiques, collectables, toys, clothes, furniture, fresh produce and more. You should prepare to make this an all day outing because there’s so much to see.

Don’t worry about going hungry as you peruse the market. There are always food vendors on-site, serving up dishes like corndogs, Mexican, hamburgers and fresh-squeezed lemonade.

Parking only costs $1 per day, or stay for the weekend with the market’s overnight camper parking for $6.

3. The Cullman Flea Market

Flea Market
Add some history to your home with antique items. Photo via Nikola Duza/Unspalsh

Explore over 250 vendors when you visit the Cullman Flea Market, one of the South’s biggest and greatest flea markets. This market is open every weekend and is home to a giant antiques building.

This is the perfect destination for those looking for a day of rummaging. You could explore this place for hours and probably still not see it all, but if you take the time to look around you’ll definitely come out with some cool finds.

4. Galaxy Flea Market

Flea Market
So many fun things to see at North Alabama flea markets. Photo via Galaxy Flea Market

Galaxy Flea Market is a huge indoor area perfect for finding treasures both new and old. A few items you can spot here are vintage toys, holiday decorations, old books, clothing and antique furnishings.

Love your weekend garage sales? The layout is very similar to a giant version of those with products laid out on tables throughout the building.

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