Garden & Gun highlights Alabama’s Jason Throneberry as a ‘Champion of Conservation’

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Big time for Throneberry. (Jason Throneberry)

Garden & Gun announced Jason Throneberry, Director of Freshwater Programs for The Nature Conservancy (TNC) as one of its “Conservation Heroes” in its October/November 2022 issue, highlighting people for their efforts to conserve key Southern resources, flora, fauna and more. Keep reading to learn more about Jason and his work in Alabama.

A huge honor for Jason Throneberry

Jason Throneberry
Director of Freshwater Programs at TNC. (Jason Throneberry)

It comes as no surprise that Alabama’s Jason Throneberry was named one of Garden & Gun’s Ten Champions of Conservation.

After working with TNC in Alabama for six years, Throneberry was honored for his efforts to restore the ancient migratory pathway for the Alabama sturgeon and so many other fish species in the state. He is currently working with TNC to make significant changes to the Alabama River System, one of the most biodiverse on the planet.  

“I am thrilled to be included among such great company of conservation folks across the South, and for the added spotlight on what could be the most ecologically significant river restoration in North America.  Although I am the one being honored, the groundwork for this project was laid by many partners over the past decade and their persistence and foresight have paid dividends. 

This tells me that TNC and partners are moving in the right direction for conservation and we are making a difference.  I appreciate the recognition and hope this work comes to fruition for the sake of our rivers.”

Jason Throneberry, Director of Freshwater Programs, TNC

Passionate work

According to Jason, his passion and work absolotely overlap with a job like his. He told us more about how his passion and love for conservation began:

“I grew up enjoying the natural world through hunting and fishing. As time went on, I saw that same world through multiple lenses, not just the sporting aspect of it.  I became interested in rare and endemic species in my college years, and began down the conservation path I follow today. 

There are so many species that folks do not even know exist, and I get the everyday privilege of learning about and working to conserve them and their associated habitats. If you’re going to be in the conservation field, you have to be resilient and passionate about your work – if not, you probably won’t be very happy.”

Jason Throneberry, Director of Freshwater Programs, TNC

Read the full story from Garden & Gun to learn more about Jason’s incredible work.

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