NOW OPEN: Mr. Gatti’s Pizza returns to the Auburn area + 2 more locations coming soon

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The nostalgic spot is back. (Mr. Gatti’s Pizza “Our Story” Page)

Depending on how long you’ve lived in Alabama, you may or may not remember the comforting Mr. Gatti’s Pizza. While it closed down nearly 20 years ago, long-time residents of the Auburn area no doubt remember the pizza buffet and signature ranch.

Now, they’re back. Read on to find out all the details on the nostalgic joint’s return to Alabama.

Mr. Gatti’s return to the Auburn area

Mr. Gatti’s Pizza started as “The Pizza Place” in Texas in 1964. Over 50 years later (and with a slightly different title in honor of the founder’s wife’s maiden name), Mr. Gatti’s Pizza is still committed to using only 100% real provolone cheese on their pizzas.

But the pizza buffet isn’t the only thing that Mr. Gatti’s is known for. Their tangy ranch is also a favorite, and it became so popular (especially in its ranch-on-pizza application) that Mr. Gatti’s started selling it by the bottle.

States like Texas, Louisiana and Kentucky have still been enjoying Mr. Gatti’s pizza buffet and ranch during their disappearance from Alabama. However, Alabamians will once again get to feast on their buffet—first in Opelika (it’s now open!). Here’s where you can find it.

But they’re not stopping at just one location. Mr. Gatti’s also has “coming soon” locations planned for Auburn and Dadeville, so you can get your Mr. Gatti’s fix at three different spots in the state.

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