Give a round of applause to the talented 2022 graduates from our team

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Hats off to our grads! (Unsplash)

It’s no secret that The Bama Buzz + Bham Now team is full of some pretty talented people. Several members of our team had the honor of walking across the stage recently and we’re recognizing them for their incredible accomplishments and contributions. Read on to meet our 2022 graduates!

Maggie Dazzio

Maggie Dazzio
(Maggie Dazzio)
  • Major/Degree: Communication degree with a Marketing minor
  • School attended: Auburn University
  • Role at The Bama Buzz: Content Producer intern writing about all things Auburn. I loved getting to explore parts of Auburn and Opelika I had never seen or known about before. Auburn is rapidly growing, and I got to see that first-hand and tell the stories of the best town in Bama! 
  • Accomplishments: I’m part of Auburn’s PRSSA, Student Philanthropy Board and was on the social media committee for the University’s student-led PR agency. 
  • Post-grad goals: I am working at a summer camp for the summer, and I hope to work full time for a PR or Marketing agency working with local businesses in the fall! 

Clorissa Morgan

Clorissa Morgan
(Clorissa Morgan)
  • Major/Degree: B.A. in English with a minor in Psychology 
  • School attended: University of South Alabama
  • Role at The Bama Buzz: I’m a content producer intern for Mobile and I think my favorite thing is definitely meeting people within my community, but also how much I’ve learned about Mobile that I didn’t previously know!
  • Accomplishments: I’m graduating cum laude with honors. To graduate with honors I wrote a 60-page thesis titled “Redeemable or Unforgivable: An Analysis of Edgar Allan Poe from a 21st-Century Feminist Perspective,” defended it in front of a committee and passed! In my time at the Honors College, I was one of only three students selected as a delegate to travel to Mexico and attend the Nobel Peace Summit of Laureates, as well as chosen to attend Oxford (Oxford, England) at their program, Oxford Consortium for Human Rights. I was also assistant editor (2020-2021) and editor-in-chief (2021-present) of our student magazine, Due South. I published two printed issues as EIC and was awarded “Best Magazine Editing” by South’s Department of Communication for my work. I’m a member of the English department’s honor society, Sigma Tau Delta, and a member of FEM, a feminist club on campus. In addition, I won an award for academic excellence from the English department and received a letter of recognition from the University’s president for my academic achievements. 
  • Post-grad goals: After college, I’m taking a gap year to save up some money, and then I plan to go to grad school to get my master’s in literature. (I also want my PhD, but I’ve really have to see how I feel about that after I get my masters lol)

Liv George

Liv George
(Liv George)
  • Major/Degree: Multimedia Journalism
  • School attended: University of South Alabama
  • Role at The Bama Buzz: I’m a content producer and my absolute favorite part of this job is all the fun stuff I get to do around town! I’m always hanging out at a market, visiting a new shop or enjoying the outdoors. My favorite part of working with The Bama Buzz is how connected to the Mobile community I feel.
  • Accomplishments: Summa Cum Laude graduate (4.0 GPA!); Outstanding Multimedia Journalist Award; Staff member of Due South Magazine for 3 years, editor-in-chief for one; Excellence in Design award (2021 & 2022); Distinguished Achievement Award
  • Post-grad goals: I’m working as a Broadcast Producer at WKRG starting in June.

JeVante Shropshire

Jevante Shropshire
(Jevante Shropshire)
  • Major/Degree: B.A. in Communications, Concentration: Public Relations
  • School attended: University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Role at Bham Now: I started as a Social Media Intern and am now a part-time Content Producer. I love how everyone is so welcoming at Bham Now + how much I can learn. Each day is different and I get to explore and do so many fun things that I never thought I would be able to do. 
  • Accomplishments: Inducted into Sigma Alpha Lamda Honor Society, Sigma Alpha Pi Honor Society and Phi Sigma Pi Honor Fraternity. Won 2021 Best Campaign Reward and PRCA Medallion Award for Best Campaign Project with Aesthetic Communications. Team Members: Katiana Banks, Tehreem Khan and Eric Lamar Burts.
  • Post-grad goals: I plan to keep working with Bham Now and see what opportunities will come next.  

Sabrina Palmer

Sabrina Palmer
(Sabrina Palmer)
  • Major/Degree: B.A. in Mass Communications-Broadcasting with a double minor in Art Studio and Media Studies
  • School attended: University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Role at Bham Now: I do videography and photography at Bham Now and I love the work environment along with the people I get to meet across various video projects.
  • Accomplishments: In addition to being a video editor for UABTv, I was also awarded a history department award for Outstanding Student in Media Studies. One project I’m proud of was made during the spring 2021 semester as an independent project, No Trespassing, was in the 23rd Sidewalk Film Festival, which I hope to be able to participate in again.
  • Post-grad goals: My main goal is to find work as a full-time video editor on TV/films and possibly freelance graphic design work. I love making short documentaries and want to keep pursuing that!

Camille Womack

Camille Womack
(Camille Womack)
  • Major/Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication, Magna Cum Laude 
  • School attended: Samford University (Go Bulldogs!)
  • Role at Bham Now: Content Producer, I’m excited to become a part of the team and participate in shining a positive light on the city of Birmingham and its people. 
  • Accomplishments: AAF Birmingham Student of the Year, Ten Awards, 2021 | AAF District 7 Mosaic Scholarship Recipient, 2021 | Samford University, Communication and Media, Outstanding Film Production Student 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 | Howard College of Arts and Sciences Class Honor Recipient, 2019-2021 | Produced two documentaries, Black Women Speak (2021) and Let the Redeemed Say So (2022). Black Women Speak was a selection of the Hilltop Film Festival of Diversity and Inclusion (2021) at BSC.
  • Post-grad goals: I am going to pursue my master’s degree in the near future, I’m still deciding which program. My goal is to grow as a professional in the art of storytelling. 

Emilyn Hamn

Emilyn Hamn
(Emilyn Hamn)
  • Major/Degree: BA in Communication with a minor in Art History
  • School attended: Auburn University
  • Role at The Bama Buzz: I was a content producer intern for The Bama Buzz and published two stories a week along with some Instagram microblogs and TikTok videos! I loved how kind, helpful, and encouraging the people above me were. I also loved how fun it was to go out and take photos for each story.
  • Accomplishments: Graduated Magna Cum Laude at Auburn University and was on the Dean’s list twice during my time at Auburn. I was a part of Alpha Delta Pi sorority, RUF campus ministry and Project Uplift mentoring.
  • Post-grad goals: I am still trying to decide on my plans after graduation, but am hopeful and excited for whatever the future holds!

Vicky Lewis

Vicky Lewis
(Vicky Lewis)
  • Major/Degree: Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
  • School attended: University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Role at Bham Now: Thursday Newsletter Producer. Fun fact: I’ve been with Bham Now since the beginning, I love being a cheerleader for all of Birmingham’s accomplishments and growth over the years.
  • Accomplishments: Graduated cum laude; My biggest accomplishment was completing the program in 1.5 years while working full-time!
  • Post-grad goals: Utilize the skills I’ve learned to become a better manager and eventually keep climbing that corporate ladder.

Libby Foster

Img 1365
(Libby Foster)
  • Major/Degree: BA in English with minors in Creative Media and Liberal Arts
  • School Attended: The University of Alabama
  • Role at Bham Now: Breaking news intern for The Bama Buzz and Bham Now.
  • Accomplishments: Enrolled in the Blount Scholars Program, cohost of the Druid City Rock Show, worked as a student reporter for Alabama Public Radio, the state’s NPR affiliate, since January of 2020.
  • Post-grad goals: To work in journalism or public relations.

Joe Krick

Img 6752
(Joe Krick)
  • Major/Degree: Financial and Marketing with concentrations in Professional Sales and Sports Marketing
  • School Attended: Samford University
  • Role at Bham Now: Sales Intern, I have loved the culture and the people. Bham Now is an amazing company, so it was a pleasure to represent and sell their product! 
  • Accomplishments: Sigma Chi, Alpha Mu Alpha, Dean’s List, AMA, FMA
  • Post-grad goals: Accepted a position as Business Development Associate at Gartner.

Selah Vetter

Img 3674
(Selah Vetter)

Major/Degree: BA in Journalism and Mass Communication & Spanish
School Attended: Samford University
Role at Bham Now: I served as a content producer intern, and loved being able to write about this city that has such a special place in my heart! I also loved learning about and being able to explore the amazing places that Bham has!
Accomplishments: Graduated magna cum laude and was on the Dean’s List every semester. I was also awarded the Harold & Jean Martin Excellence in Writing Award from the Samford JMC department three years in a row. 
Post-grad goals: I’m excited to be a full-time content producer with Bham Now. Bham forever!

Additionally, The Bama Buzz team extends a big thank you and congratulations to these graduates:

Hilton Francine—Samford University

Jalean Erksine—The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Jillian White—Samford University

Katiana Banks—The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Sonia Kerrigan—Samford University

We can’t wait to see our amazing team soar in the future with their post-grad endeavors.

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