ADECA and Gov. Ivey want to hear about your internet

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Gov. Kay Ivey. Photo via Governor Kay Ivey on Facebook

Alabama, are you having issues with your broadband access? The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs wants to help you find better internet service. All you have to do is fill out an online survey.

What is the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs?

ADECA wants to help Alabama get the best internet. Photo via ADECA

The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs, or ADECA, is a state agency that partners with local leaders to help better Alabama communities through:

  • Federal and state grant programs
  • Surplus property sold at a lower rate to public entities and nonprofits
  • Water resource management

Broadband Accessibility Fund

In 2018, Alabama Legislature created the Broadband Accessibility Fund, which Gov. Kay Ivey signed into law. This fund strives to provide high-speed internet access to:

  • Businesses
  • Community Anchors
  • Households

Better broadband access isn’t only helping Alabamians at home, but is also creating a better job market.

“Broadband is a huge economic driver for recruiting industry and jobs.

This survey is quick and easy and helps show us precisely where the service gaps are, so we encourage all Alabama residents and businesses to take it and help us continue Gov. Kay Ivey’s efforts to grow Alabama’s economy.”

Kenneth Boswell, Director, ADECA

What you can do

Do you know how fast your internet speed is? If videos are downloading slowly or Google isn’t finding the answer to your question fast enough, this is a perfect time to let ADECA know! By filling out an online survey, Alabamians can raise their concerns about their internet speed and acess. Using the survey results, ADECA will:

  • Map service gaps
  • Plan efforts to help fill those gaps

With this online survey, ADECA will be able to help everyone get the best broadband access. Alabama, get ready to stream your favorite shows online!

Do you live in an area that needs high-speed internet? Tag us @thebamabuzz to let us know!

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