Gov. Ivey re-declares state of emergency in Alabama for COVID-19

The Alabama Department Of Public Health Reported That 727 Were Hospitalized For Covid As Of Last Week. Photo Via Uab Medicine
New state of emergency is enacted to help healthcare workers as COVID-19 cases surge. Photo via UAB Medicine

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise drastically throughout the state, Governor Kay Ivey has declared we are in another state of emergency in Alabama as of Friday, August 13. This announcement comes a little over a month since the first COVID-19-related state of emergency was lifted.

Why is this happening?

State Of Emergency In Alabama
Gov. Ivey issues state of emergency in Alabama on Friday. Photo via Governor Kay Ivey on Facebook

Ivey has said this new state of emergency is a strategic move to cut red-tape and remove bureaucracy from the situation. Her main goal with this limited state of emergency is to help slow the increased cases of COVID-19 that will be coming into Alabama hospitals.

This is a limited state of emergency for Alabama as it is not accompanied by a public health order such as mask mandates or closure of any businesses.

This decision is meant to aid overwhelmed healthcare workers. It will expand capacity in healthcare facilities, add additional liability protections, help increase authority for frontline health care personnel and expedite shipment of emergency equipment and supplies.

The announcement will also allow out of state doctors and nurses to practice in the state of Alabama under expedited licenses and temporary permits, which would otherwise not be allowed.

What does this mean for Alabama residents?

Photo Via Uab Medicine'S Facebook
Gov. Ivey urges residents to receive the vaccine and slow the surge. Photo via UAB Medicine’s Facebook

According to Ivey, Alabama is still open for business. This new limited state of emergency is simply to help healthcare providers and take advanced precautions. There will be no new mask mandates or closures at this time.

Alabama’s residents can rest assured nothing will change for them due to this state of emergency.

Governor Ivey also stated that she encourages all residents that are able to fight the surge of cases by rolling up their sleeves and getting the vaccine.

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