Governor Ivey to break ground on highly-anticipated West Alabama Corridor Project

Gov. Kay Ivey At A Ribbon Cutting
Governor Ivey at the Sylacauga Veterans Memorial Ribbon Cutting on November 9. Photo via Office of Governor Kay Ivey

Alabama, we’re getting another highway! On November 12, Governor Kay Ivey and others will join in Linden, Alabama to break ground for the West Alabama Corridor Project. What is the project? A highly-anticipated highway connecting Thomasville to Tuscaloosa. We’ve got the scoop on the project’s groundbreaking event, plus all the details about the new highway.

Breaking ground on November 12

Linden County Courthouse
County Courthouse in Linden. Photo via Pat Byington

At Governor Ivy’s 2021 State of the State address, she announced plans to build a four-lane highway from Thomasville to Tuscaloosa. Fast forward to November 12, these plans are coming to fruition at the project’s groundbreaking event.

The event is on November 12 at 2PM in Linden, Alabama. Governor Ivey will be present along with Choctaw County Commissioner and ATRIP-II Committee Member Tony Cherry, state Sen. Bobby Singleton, state Rep. AJ McCampbell, Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox, Thomasville Mayor Sheldon Day and others.

Once Governor Ivey gets her hard hat on and breaks ground, the first phase of the project begins.

The West Alabama Corridor Project’s details

Map Of The West Alabama Corridor Project
The West Alabama Corridor Project. Photo via Office of Governor Kay Ivey

This project has been long-awaited for decades. The West Alabama Corridor Project will provide interstate connectivity to rural counties that don’t have a major highway, creating a four-lane connection from Thomasville to Tuscaloosa.

Governor Ivey was able to secure this project with help from The Rebuild Alabama Act. This act allows Alabama to put more funding towards economic development and congestion relief road projects. Less congested roads and more efficient ways to get around Alabama? We love to hear it!

The start of this project is The Linden Bypass. According to the Governor’s office:

  • The project is divided into two parts. First, a southern portion that begins at Highway 43 in Thomasville and run north to the south intersection with the Linden Bypass. Second, a northern portion that begins from the north intersection with the Linden Bypass to Highway 69 north of Moundville.
  • Additionally, the project will add two additional lanes to existing US-43 to south of Linden. Widening will continue north on Hwy 43 to Linden. Hwy 43 will then bypass on the east side of Linden following the previous Linden Bypass alignment.
  • Then, North of Linden, the project will add two lanes to the existing two lanes of Hwy. 69.
  • Lastly, the project will cross US 80 and continue north on Hwy 69 through Greensboro where it will ultimately connect with the existing four lanes of Hwy 69 north of Moundville.

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