Happy Twosday! Celebrate this palindrome date + why it’s special

Happy Twosday 2 you. (Nathan Watson / The Bama Buzz)

Today, 2/22/22 is a palindrome date (aka a date that reads the same backward as forwards). This day is extra special because it falls on the second day of the week: Tuesday or Twosday! Keep reading to learn all about this neat event.


All of the reoccurring 2s evoke a sense of wonder, possibly from the symbolism of angel numbers (a recurring sequence of numbers like 222). Not only does this date have a mystical quality, but it’s also visually appealing—to me at least.

This doesn’t happen often. In fact, the next palindrome date will occur on 1/20/3021 and the last ubiquitous palindrome occurred on 11/11/11. So don’t forget to blast 22 by Taylor Swift while driving around on this Twosday. It’s only the right thing to do.

COMING SOON: Next Tuesday is Mardi Gras! Celebrate Yardi Gras 2022—how to participate in Mobile’s newest Mardi Gras tradition. Let the good times ROLL.

Your lucky day

What’s better than 1? 2! (Tostadas Birmingham)

Supposedly, today is a lucky day. If you’re currently on the path of making a major decision, today is your day to make that move. You got this!

It’s also apparently a great day to get married. Who doesn’t want a lucky wedding date? According to CNN, couples flock to Las Vegas on days like these. It IS considered the marriage capital of the world. In fact, over 3,500 couples tied the knot in Vegas on 11/11/11. I’m excited to see how the numbers will turn out this year.

BTW, today is National Margarita Day and Birmingham’s Ruby Sunshine is celebrating by serving $2 margs. What’s luckier than celebrating the number 2 with two $2 margs. Find a place to get a margarita near you.

Happy Twosday 2 you, Alabama!

How are you going to celebrate this Twosday? Tell us about it @TheBamaBuzz.

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