Haudenosaunee Nationals join The World Games 2022

Haudenosaunee Nationals
Haudenosaunee Nationals, the inventor of lacrosse, join TWG 2022 lineup. (The World Games 2022)

The World Games 2022 (TWG 2022) has announced that the Haudenosaunee Nationals men’s and women’s teams will be part of the competition kicking off this July. Learn more about the inventors of lacrosse, and their journey to the international stage.

Meet the inventors of lacrosse, the Haudenosaunee Nationals 🥍

You may have heard of the Haudenosaunee Nationals by their former name, the Iroquois Nationals. They are the proud inventors of lacrosse, and see it as more than just a game, but a part of life.

They explain it best on their website: “to the Haudenosaunee, the game of lacrosse represents deep spiritual and political roots, from our Creation Story, to our medicines, to our governance structure—since time immemorial.”

An impressive track record 🏆

The Haudenosaunee Nationals rank among the world’s top performing programs, and boast the following accolades:

  • Men ranked #3 in field lacrosse and #2 in box lacrosse
  • Men won bronze at 2018 World Lacrosse Men’s Championships
  • Men won silver at 2019 World Lacrosse Men’s Box Championship
  • Women are #12 in the world

Sounds pretty impressive, right? Unfortunately, despite their admirable track record, neither the men’s nor the women’s team was initially eligible to compete at TWG 2022 under International Olympic Committee rules.

They were later approved, but then ran into another snag—there were no more open spots in the competition. Until…

The Irish sacrifice 🇮🇪

Here’s where our Irish friends come in. Last summer, Team Ireland graciously bowed out of the competition to make way for the Haudenosaunee Nationals.

Nick Sellers, CEO of TWG 2022, praised Team Ireland for their sacrifice.

“Ireland’s national lacrosse team showcased the best of sportsmanship and the best of humanity. Birmingham has long been an epicenter of America’s struggle for equality, and we are enormously proud that The World Games 2022 can remind us that our strength comes from mutual respect and a commitment to inclusion.

Birmingham, Alabama was ground zero for America’s Civil Rights Movement, so it is fitting that when The World Games 2022 begins here July 7, the Haudenosaunee Nationals lacrosse team will be allowed to compete for the first time at an international, multi-sport event.”

—Nick Sellers, CEO, TWG 2022

What to expect at TWG 2022 from the Haudenosaunee Nationals 🌎

Ready to cheer on your new favorite lacrosse team? The men will face off against Australia, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Israel, Japan and the United States, while the women take on Australia, Canada, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Israel, Japan and the United States.

New to the Lax scene? You’ll be glad to hear that TWG 2022 will host Lacrosse Sixes, a faster-paced and higher-scoring version of the traditional game. It’s also easier to understand and is a more accessible form of the sport. Each team has six players on the field (vs. the usual 10) and they play on a smaller field. It’s perfect for first-time Lacrosse spectators to enjoy!

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