Act now to help winter storm relief in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi

Winter Storm Relief 2021
You can be the light and warmth in this cold darkness. Photo via Lerone Pieters on Unsplash

Headlines are calling this winter storm a Katrina sized disaster. So far, this winter storm has caused fifty-eight deaths nationwide. States like Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi are out of power and access to clean water. Hospitals are seeing an increase in carbon-monoxide poising as people use their cars and ovens to stay warm. Here is how you can help winter storm relief now in some of our neighboring states.

Red Cross needs you

Red Cross Blood Donation Winter Storm Relief
Bama Buzz and Bham Now member Pat Byington is happy to give blood. Photo via Bham Now

Across the board, Red Cross is in need of blood donations and palettes. This intense winter storm caused several of their blood drives to shut down, leaving people in need of transfusions helpless. Here is how you can help with winter storm relief:

  • Make a monetary donation. You can text the word REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.
  • Donate your blood. Red Cross is partnering with Amazon to give out five dollar amazon gift cards for everyone who donates blood in February.

USDA is offering winter storm relief

The United States Department of Agriculture is offering assistance to farmers affected by the winter storms. This includes programs to assist with loss of livestock, honeybees and trees. Share this information to help out farmers impacted by the winter storm.


Verizon has acknowledge the impact of the storm and is offering some momentary winter storm relief. They are offering unlimited calling, texting and data from Tuesday February 16 to Saturday February 20 in affected counties in the following states: Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Mississippi, Virginia and West Virginia. Share this with others to pass the information along.

Winter storm relief in Texas

United Way Winter Storm Relief
When Birmingham needed hurricane relief, United Way was therePhoto by Pat Byington for Bham Now

United Way of Texas

United Way has several donation forms up now for winter storm relief throughout the state.

You can also help by sharing important information, like road updates and warming shelters.

Bread of Life Inc.

Bread of Life Inc. has provided hunger relief and disaster relief to the Houston area since 1992. They are partnering with Beyoncé’s BeyGOOD Foundation to provide up to $1,000 in relief to families who apply. Currently, they have reached maximum applications, but you can still help with winter storm relief by donating to their disaster relief fund.

Mercy Chefs

Mercy Chefs was just in Alabama helping with tornado relief efforts. Now they are serving the Dallas, Texas—providing 10,000 meals Friday February 19th to the Dallas area.

Winter storm relief in Louisiana

Community Food Banks For Winter Storm Relief
United Way food banks help those in need of food in crisis. Photo from United Way of Central Alabama


Acadiana Regional Coalition on Homelessness & Housing (ARCH) provides housing relief to the Acadiana region of Louisiana. They are asking for donations to for their general funds and their emergency hotel shelter funds.

Foodbank of Northeast Louisiana

The Foodbank of Northeast Louisiana is helping with winter storm relief by giving access to food to families in need. According to their website, every ten dollar donations provides fifty-five meals.

Winter storm relief in Mississippi

Winter Storm Relief
Meals ready to go to those in need from United Way. Photo via Bham Now

United Way of Mississippi

You can donate to local chapters of United Way in Mississippi to help with their relief efforts. Central and Southern areas of Mississippi (particularly Jackson) are impacted severely by the winter storm.

Mississippi Food Network

Mississippi Food Network’s Emergency Food Program is partners  with 430 agencies to provide hunger relief to those in need. Sixty percent of emergency food products is distributed through partnered agencies, and the remaining forty percent is distributed through their rural delivery program to centralized locations throughout the state.

Mississippi Emergency Management Agency

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency has a list of shelters and safe rooms for Mississippi residents. They do not provide food at these shelters and safe rooms, so let people know to bring snacks. Share this information to keep people in the know of their resources.

If you know of anymore winter storm relief efforts, let us know on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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