Hippie Beach in Mobile, AL is up for sale now

Dog In A River Substitute For Hippie Beach
A beach would be the ultimate gift for your dog. Photo by Greg Keelen on Unsplash

Beach days could be every day if you buy Hippie Beach 🏖. A beloved private beach in Mobile, Alabama is up for sale. Keep reading if you want to invest in some waterfront property.

Where is Hippie Beach?

Mobile Skyline From Downtown, Same City With Hippie Beach
Get your own beach in the bustling city of Mobile. Photo via Liv George for The Bama Buzz.

Owning your own beach sounds like a childhood dream come true. A piece of Mobile waterfront property that locals know as Hippie Beach is going on the market again.

If you look for Hippie Beach, you will not see any beach officially recognized by that name. This beach is along Halls Mill Creek, stemming from Dog River, and easy to reach by a short boat or kayak ride.

Being tucked away in Halls Mill Creek’s bends, this sandy spot is nicely secluded from Mobile’s busy roads. This beach seems to get its name from the laidback crowd that adventures here for a good time. Yet, that does not mean everyone always keeps it in the best condition.

The community surrounding Hippie Beach is a lively mix of people who cherish this piece of land. Mobile locals chastise visitors who trash the beach after their parties and show love to those who restore the beach into a habitable spot. Since being privatized in 2018, Hippie Beach still welcomes visitors, boaters and families.

For sale 💲💲💲

Small Beach Substitute For Hippie Beach
Beach weather is on its way 🌞. Photo by Peter Robinson on Unsplash

Hippie Beach’s Facebook page posted this on Wednesday March 10:


We will be putting Hippie Beach on the Market. Before we list it I wanted to give the people in the community that loves the property an opportunity to purchase it. Message me if your interested.

Hippie Beach’s Facebook

They are selling six acres for $599,000.00. Although it is three separate lots, the current owner is not interested in selling lots individually, writing, “Will be sold all or none.” Anyone interested in buying should message them on Facebook.

This post has 215 shares and fifty-four comments recalling fond memories of the beach. In an Al.com article, the anonymous owner of Hippie Beach said, “It’s been awesome to see kids running around on it, to see families taking advantage of it…at the same time you do see some things that make you cringe … but for the most part the community [that uses the beach] has been fantastic.”

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