How to have the best pet-friendly vacation on Alabama’s beaches

Grab your dog & let’s go to the beach! (Gulf Shores)

We all now one of the most stressful parts about vacation is the planning. Between finding the right condo, age-appropriate activities for your whole group and all the other details, you definitely need a vacation by the time all your planning is done. But what about your furry friends? Leaving them behind can be stressful, so we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know to plan your dog-friendly vacation on Alabama’s beaches.

Find your place to stay

Finding pet-friendly rentals can be hard, we’re here to help. (Gulf Shores)

Luckily for you (and Fido), there are now tons of websites devoted to helping you find the best rental for you and your furry companions. is a great website that exclusively shows pet-friendly rental options. The Gulf Shores website also has a great and informative section about pet-friendly condos and rentals.

To get your rental hunt started, we’re highlighting both a pet-friendly house and condo at three Alabama beach locations.

Gulf Shores

The Breeze Blue Inn | 3BD/2BR | Sleeps 7 | $124/night | No pet fee

Gulfview 8 | 1BD/1BR | Sleeps 6 | $204/night | $145 cleaning fee

Orange Beach

Yellowfin | 3BD/2BR | Sleeps 10 | $2225/night | $65 per pet fee

Phoenix on the Bay 2 | 2BD/2BR | Sleeps 6 | $328/night | No pet fee

Dauphin Island

Bayou Heron 1B | 2BD/2BR | Sleeps 6 | $266/night | $20 per pet

Ocean Harmony | 4BD/4BR | Sleeps 14 | $400/night | $10 per pet, per night

Pet-friendly activities & places on the Coast

So, you’ve got your place to stay on the beach with your pup—perfect! Now only one question remains, what kind of fun stuff can you do with your furry friend in tow?

Here in Alabama, your pup can come sit outside with you at virtually any restaurant. Lots of businesses over at The Wharf at Orange Beach are pet-friendly as well, like Cool Shots Selfie Museum and Beachside Mini-Golf.

There are also tons of dog-friendly beaches on the Alabama Gulf Coast, including Gulf Shores Dog Park, Unleashed and Orange Beach Waterfront Park. Make sure to check leashing rules when you arrive.

The Gulf Coast is a wonderful place to vacation, even more-so when you can bring your furry friend!

Looking for more on the Gulf Coast? We’ve got you covered:

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