How to help Hurricane Ian victims from Alabama

Debbie and Leo Looney standing in front of an American Red Cross Disaster Relief vehicle. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Although the trajectory of Hurricane Ian isn’t forecasted to come our way, it is still crucial to help our neighbors that fall in the Hurricane’s path. We’ve gathered programs and organizations that you can support to help those in need.

What we know about Hurricane Ian

As of September 29, Time states Hurricane Ian became one the strongest hurricanes to make landfall in Florida since Hurricane Michael back in 2018. The winds reached about 155 mph, making it a Category 4.

According to WBRC, Hurricane Ian has already produced 12-24 inches of rain along Interstate 4 in the Florida Peninsula from Cape Coral to Orlando and Daytona Beach. Alabama has been unscathed for the most part besides’s reporting of some of the water in Mobile Bay being temporarily sucked out from the storm surge.

How YOU can help

Learn more about how to prepare for Hurricanes and remember, stay safe!

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