In the mood for German food? Here’s Huntsville’s top 2

German Food In Huntsville
Enjoying some German food in Huntsville. Photo via Emily Kent for The Bama Buzz

When German rocket scientists came to Huntsville to work on the space program, they brought their cuisine with them. Our search for the best German food in this town surfaced a running debate between which of two restaurants is the best. Here is what you need to know to decide for yourself, plus my go-to favorite German meal. Keep reading for the deets.

1. Hildegard’s German Cuisine

German Food In Huntsville
I am planning my next German meal already. Photo via Emily Kent for The Bama Buzz

After polling our audience on Instagram, we found that half of you love Hildegard’s German Cuisine. Hildegard’s is the perfect place to taste authentic German food. Bratwurst is always a great choice and pairs perfectly with German beer.

Check out the menu.

2. Ol’ Heidelberg Café

German Food In Huntsville
There is so much to check out inside Ol’ Heidelberg. Photo via Emily Kent for The Bama Buzz

The other half of our poll responses are from Team Ol’ Heidelberg Café. Ol’ Heidelberg is the full experience. There are so many German elements to look at, you might mistake it for Germany!

Check out the menu.

Keep reading for my favorite German meal.

Entrée: Start with a Schnitzel

German Food In Huntsville
We ordered the Jaeger Schnitzel and will be going back for more. Photo via Emily Kent for The Bama Buzz

Schnitzel is a thin slice of meat—the most popular being veal, pork or chicken. The cut of meat is pounded with a meat tenderizer then covered in breadcrumbs and fried. There are many kinds of schnitzel served with a variety of toppings and sauces, so try a few to find your favorite. If you’re trying schnitzel for the first time, I recommend the classic Weiner Schnitzel.

Add a side: German potato salad

German Food In Huntsville
My new favorite potato salad. Photo via Emily Kent for The Bama Buzz

I think most meals are better with some potato salad on the side and was not disappointed by the German version. Peeled boiled potatoes and chopped bacon are key ingredients to this delicious side. Hold the Mayo because this rendition of potato salad has a vinegar base that is to die for.

For me, German potato salad takes the cake. Speaking of cake…

Dessert: Stick around for something sweet

German Food In Huntsville
Yummy! Photo via Emily Kent for The Bama Buzz

German desserts are a delicacy. Whether it’s a cake, pastry or even a bread, it’s bound to be mouthwatering. Dessert is the perfect way to finish a great meal and you can’t go wrong with any of the choices. We went with a cake filled with creme. Does it get much better than that?

Huntsville, if you give German cuisine a whirl, let us know which restaurant is your favorite. Don’t be shy, show off your order too. I am always ready to try something new.

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