Interested in a Trader Joe’s on the Gulf Coast? Here’s how you can help

Trader Joe'S
Trader Joe’s in MidCity District in Huntsville. Rendering via MidCity District

If you’re interested in bringing a Trader Joe’s to Mobile, look no further! The City of Mobile is officially creating an effort to bring this popular grocery store to Mobile and they need your help to make it happen. If you are in the Mobile area or want to pitch in from your hometown instead, continue reading to see how your request can help.

Bringing Trader Joe’s to Mobile

If you don’t know, Trader Joe’s sells a wide variety of groceries ranging from organic and vegan to gluten-free options at a lower price than most alternative stores. Not only is it accessible but it is also known for its quirky culture, friendly staff and good eats. As of right now, the only Trader Joe’s locations in Alabama reside in Birmingham and Huntsville. Mobile locals are beaming with joy as the petition form gains traction and gets shared around Facebook in hopes of becoming the third location for Alabama.

“The City of Mobile is working to create a grassroots effort to bring Trader Joe’s to Mobile. How would you feel about this possible addition to our area? If you are interested, please fill out a request form below. And don’t forget to give our new page a like and follow for updates!”

The City of Mobile via Facebook

Join the official Facebook page

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Follow Bring Trader Joe’s to Mobile for updates. (Facebook)

The Facebook page Bring Trader Joe’s to Mobile was kickstarted by The City of Mobile Thursday morning, November 17, as an effort to bring Trader Joe’s to the area. If you are interested in signing and helping the Mobile community, you can find this petition on their main Facebook page. Additionally, the city is asking all Alabama residents, both near and far from Mobile, to share the page and let Trader Joe’s know we mean business about bringing their next location to Mobile!

Be sure to follow and like the Facebook page for updates and more on the potential grocery store coming to the area.

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