Is Florence getting a new Hard Rock Hotel?

Hard Rock Hotel
Developers are still looking at Florence for a new Hard Rock Hotel. (“Hard Rock Hotel Penang” by Phalinn Ooi is licensed under CC BY 2.0)

Could Florence, Ala., be the latest location for a Hard Rock Hotel? Well, developers are looking into it, but have now asked the city to make a $9.5 million investment to help the process along.

Whether or not the city will comply remains to be seen.

Hard Rock Hotel in Florence

Florence 13 1
Downtown Florence could be the site of a new Hard Rock Hotel. (Nathan Watson/The Bama Buzz)

According to a report from the Times Daily, developers want to open the hotel in downtown Florence at the site of a former Days Inn on the corner of Dr. Hicks Blvd. and Court St. The $40 million project would come with a catch, however. Developers want the City of Florence to pitch in $9.5 million toward the development.

Hard Rock Hotel developers said they chose Florence because of the deep musical roots in the Shoals. City leaders said they are interested in the proposal, but would need more information on how the $9.5 million would be used.

Here’s what we know about the proposed Hard Rock Hotel:

  • The hotel would be 7 stories.
  • It would include 120-rooms and the Constant Grind restaurant and a rooftop bar.
  • The development would also include a 2-level parking garage.
  • The project would cost approximately $40 million total, which includes renovating the existing structure and adding two more floors.

What’s next?

Struts On Pine Added To Historic Florence Downtown
The new Hard Rock Hotel is proposed for downtown Florence. (Nathan Watson/The Bama Buzz)

City officials said they think the project is a good fit for Florence, considering its rich music history, but are not quite ready to approve the project.

According to the Times Daily report, Councilman Jimmy Oliver said city attorney William Musgrove would need to be consulted before moving forward, and several more questions would need to be answered on the use of the funds requested.

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