Jacksonville State University gets new name + logo

Jacksonville State University
Visual updates are ahead for JSU. (Jacksonville State University / Facebook)

Jacksonville State University (JSU) is getting some updates! From a new name to a fresh logo, read on for what’s ahead for the Gamecocks.

The scoop

(Jacksonville State University/Facebook page)

Out with the old and outdated, in with the new and improved. For the first time in nearly 15 years, JSU is updating its visual identity. The plan was approved by the JSU Board of Trustees on January 10. 

What exactly does this mean? Here are the two things you can expect:

1. Greater emphasis placed on school’s nickname “Jax State”

Wait, is the school’s name changing? Not at all. The institution will continue to be known as Jacksonville State University, but will begin using “Jax State” in marketing and promotional materials.

“It’s an exciting time on campus, punctuated by rapid expansion. This new visual identity builds upon that momentum, allowing us to continue to reach new students and grow the JSU family.”

Tim Garner, Chief Marketing Officer, JSU

2. A refreshed logo

Like most universities, JSU’s logo has undergone many changes and improvements since its founding in 1883 (140 years ago!). 

Now JSU’s logo will see updates once again. This time, you can expect it to show off “Jax State” in the design.

When will you begin seeing JSU’s new visuals? According to the university, new visuals will pop up over the next few years, so keep your eyes peeled as the updates roll out. 

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