Iconic “Lady” sculpture returns to Barber Marina after 2 years

Barber Marina Lady
She’s back and better than ever. (Barber Marina / Facebook)

Nestled in the bay water, an iconic sculpture has made its grand return to Barber Marina. Keep reading to learn all about the “Lady” and her long-awaited return to this marina in Elberta.

Returning the “Lady”

Barber Marina
Mark Cline’s “Lady” sculpture is a local favorite. (Barber Marina / Facebook)

An iconic sculpture recently came back to Barber Marina, according to WKRG. Made to look like a woman taking a bath, the sculpture shows a woman’s head and knees. Dubbed the “Lady,” this fifty-foot piece of art has been a local favorite since 2012, according to Roadside America.

Due to Hurricane Sally in 2020, the “Lady” suffered damages, leading to only the knees being left after the storm. So, she was sent back to Mark Cline—an artist who makes sculptures out of foam and fiberglass—for repairs. After two years of repairs, the “Lady” is back home in the water at Barber Marina.

There’s so much to explore at Barber Marina

Barber Marina
There’s more than just the “Lady” at the marina. (Barber Marina / Facebook)

Barber Marina isn’t only home to the “Lady.” There is an abundance of unique, quirky sculptures, including a forest filled with dinosaurs. My favorite may have to be the replica of Stonehenge—it transports you to England from right here in Alabama. This is definitely a fun spot worth making a trip to!

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