The Legacy Museum opens its doors to the newly expanded building

Legacy Museum
The Legacy Museum’s doors are now open again. Photo via Equal Justice Initiative

Montgomery, a museum just came to town. The Equal Justice Initiative opened the doors to the expanded The Legacy Museum: From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration in a new location on Friday, October 1.

What is the Equal Justice Initiative?

The Equal Justice Initiative is a nonprofit founded by Bryan Stevenson, a lawyer and the author of Just Mercy. Stevenson is most known for his work to challenge death penalties in Alabama. The nonprofit’s goal is to: 

  • Conduct research and give recommendations to assist lawyers and policymakers
  • Fight against racial injustice in the criminal justice system
  • Protect basic human rights
  • Provide legal representation to people who have been wrongly convicted or treated

What is The Legacy Museum?

Legacy Museum, Equal Justice Initiative
An interactive display, talking with prisoners. Photo via Equal Justice Initiative

The Legacy Museum’s goal is to promote equal rights and to bring attention to racial injustice. Reflecting the American history it shares, the museum is actually in a building where enslaved people were kept. The Legacy Pavilion, the museum’s welcome center, was designed by Williams Blackstock Architects, to honor local civil rights figures.

The museum includes artwork, displays and interactive elements. Topics of exhibits include the Civil Rights Era, injustice in the criminal justice system, Jim Crow Laws and Reconstruction. The Legacy Museum does not just teach about history. It also brings attention to the current problems within the US prison system.

“We believe that understanding our nation’s past is critical to finding a way forward on a range of contemporary issues.

We’re proud that the Legacy Museum can play a vital role in helping people learn American history that’s often not taught and empower everyone to build healthier communities.”

Bryan Stevenson, Founder, Equal Justice Initiative

Plan your visit today

Legacy Museum
An exhibit on slave trading. Photo via Equal Justice Initiative

Are you going to be in Montgomery? Make sure you check out The Legacy Museum.

The Legacy Museum is another Alabama museum that helps us learn more about our history and to inspire change in our communities.

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