Montgomery will host a week of events for the 67th anniversary of the bus boycott, Dec. 1-5

Bus Boycott
Tour an exact replica of the bus where Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat. (Rosa Parks Museum / Facebook)

Almost 67 years ago, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery city bus to a white man, sparking the Montgomery Bus Boycott. From December 1-5, The City of Montgomery will mark the anniversary with events and celebrations throughout the week. Keep reading to learn more.

Montgomery Bus Boycott’s 67th Anniversary

Rosa Parks statue in downtown Montgomery. (Pat Byington/Bham Now)

The city of Montgomery is teaming up with churches and civic organizations to celebrate the anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycott with a series of events from December 1-5, honoring the legacy of those who devoted their lives to equality in their community and ignited a revolution throughout the country and beyond.

“As the Birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement, Montgomery, Alabama, is one of the most historically significant destinations in the nation – if not the world. This commemoration is part of an experience unique to Montgomery that offers visitors the chance to explore tangible links to America’s quest for justice, truth and reconciliation while learning firsthand about that time from many leaders of the Movement who are still with us today.”

Mayor Steven L. Reed

Everything you need to know

Steps in front of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church – Montgomery (Pat Byington/The Bama Buzz)

This year’s events will take place all over the city and will include everything from museum passes to scavenger hunts and a gala.

Ready to attend? Here are a list of events and participating museums during the Montgomery Bus Boycott Celebration:

  • Tour Rosa Parks Apartment
    • What: The Montgomery Housing Authority is opening its doors to the public to tour the home of Mrs. Rosa Parks in honor of the Bus Boycott Celebration.
    • When: December 1-5
    • Where: 525 S Lawrence St, Montgomery, AL 36104
  • Tour a 1955 Montgomery Transit Bus
    • What: Guests can walk through an exact replica of the iconic bus where Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat, sparking the beginning of the Montgomery Bus Boycott.
    • When: December 1 | Tours available 9AM-5PM
    • Where: Rosa Parks Museum, 252 Montgomery St, Montgomery, AL 36104
  • A Unity Walk and Convocation to Celebrate Rosa Parks’ Faith and Legacy in the Civil Rights Movement
    • What: In honor of Rosa Parks Day, the city invites locals and visitors alike to the annual Unity Walk.
  • Georgia Gilmore Food Giveaway
    • What: This day will be an active way to honor the legacy of Georgia Gilmore, a fearless woman who ensured many participants were fed during the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Food will be distributed through a non-contact process. Those interested in volunteering can email
    • When: December 1 | 9AM
    • Where: Metropolitan UMC, 3108 Rosa L Parks Ave, Montgomery, AL 36105
  • The Quest: A Historical Self-Driving Tour
    • What: This self-guided driving tour takes visitors to historical sites to learn about the people and places that were pivotal to the success of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Participants who visit all the sites and post on Facebook using the hashtag #mgmbusboycottchallenge will be entered into a drawing to win a historical swag bag.
    • When: December 1-5
    • Where: A listing of all sites is available here.
  • The Rosa Parks Gala Presented by the Southern Youth Leadership Development Institute
    • What: The Southern Youth Leadership Development Institute, established by civil rights leader Doris Crenshaw, will host the Rosa Parks Gala and honor extraordinary women from Alabama.
    • When: December 3
    • Where: Rosa Parks Museum, 252 Montgomery St, Montgomery, AL 36104
    • Tickets
  • The Mass Meeting: A Time to Build Up: Equipping the Church in a Post-Civil Rights Era
    • What: Dr. Kevin R. Johnson of Dare to Imagine Church will lead a discussion along with Mayor Steven Reed and the National Center for Civil Rights at Alabama State University on how churches can be leaders in today’s post-civil rights era.
    • When: December 5 | 7PM
    • Where: Holt Street Baptist Church, 903 S Holt St, Montgomery, AL 36108

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