Montgomery Forward invests $50M to renew neighborhoods, revive infrastructure + more [VIDEO]

Montgomery Forward Press Conference
Mayor Reed speaking at the press conference. (City of Montgomery)

Montgomery Mayor Steven L. Reed is leading the Montgomery Forward initiative, a $50M investment to renew neighborhoods, revive infrastructure and build state-of-the-art facilities throughout the community. Keep reading for all the details.

Investing in the community

At a recent press conference at the newly-renovated Willie Cook Community Center, Mayor Reed announced the launch of Montgomery Forward. The $50M investment will result in highly-anticipated community restoration projects, including:

  • new and revitalized community centers
  • a multipurpose facility
  • improvements to athletic venues
  • a new fire station in west Montgomery
  • quality of life amenities
  • infrastructure upgrades throughout the city

and more. The initiative also allocates half a million dollars to expand public safety technology, while also putting forth solutions to bridge longstanding divides in access to broadband, affordable housing, social mobility and other critical services.

Current projects

“At its core, Montgomery Forward is meant to drive progress and support all of Montgomery. That is a promise we made, and it is a promise we will keep. Whether you live in west, north, south or east Montgomery, you can expect to see tangible progress and dirt being turned on projects that will help us realize our vision for a more equitable and vibrant community.”

Stephen L. Reed, Mayor, City of Montgomery

Mayor Reed and the City of Montgomery have already kicked off multiple projects.

Restoring community centers

A brand new community center is in the works on Calmar Drive, and massive renovations are coming to longstanding centers:

and more. For a full list, head to the Montgomery Forward website. The restoration and revitalization project aims to provide educational opportunities, senior programming, recreation, job training and more to these community centers.

Fairview Fire Station

Jacobs Engineering Group will be spearheading a construction project to build a state-of-the-art fire station near the intersection of West Fairview Avenue and South Court Street.

The new fire station aims to allow Montgomery firefighters to establish deeper connections to the residents they serve. Currently, the station is planned to offer around 20,000 sq. ft. of space and will house a new engine truck, enhanced EMS response and more.

The station will also include classroom space for community enrichment.

New MPD Technology

Montgomery Forward has also invested half a million dollars in improving the training and technologies of the Montgomery Police Department.

New technology includes Shot Spotter, a gunshot detection system that helps police locate, respond to and investigate crime faster.

Future projects

In addition to their current initiatives, Montgomery Forward has several projects on the docket for the future, including park renovations, a new soccer complex and more.

Find a full list of plans for future Montgomery Forward projects on their website.

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