My Hope Hull Airbnb adventure, with a pit stop at the Alabama Safari Park

Giraffes At The Alabama Safari Park
Alabama road trips are always full of surprises like the Alabama Safari Park. Photo by Libby Foster for The Bama Buzz.

Last Friday night, I set out from Tuscaloosa with my sights set on a treehouse Airbnb deep in the woods of Hope Hull, AL. As always, Alabama’s endless hidden gems made for some magical pit stops. Here were some of the road trip’s highlights…

1. The Barefoot Belle

The Barefoot Belle'S Exterior.
The Barefoot Belle is an inviting shop inside and out! Photo by Libby Foster for The Bama Buzz.

My friends and I started our trip out with lots of energy, but we were feeling a little tired two hours into the drive. We stopped by Hope Hull’s The Barefoot Belle for some refreshments, and were immediately welcomed by Southern charm. The gift shop and farmer’s market is located in a fern-lined country home.

Kudzu Candle At The Barefoot Belle.
The kudzu candle at the Barefoot Belle. Photo by Libby Foster for The Bama Buzz.

The owners of The Barefoot Belle, Greg and Sabrenia Sanders, were absolutely delightful. They treated us to free samples of their frozen lemonade and peach cider. Both were delicious! The kudzu-scented candle from Lightning Hill Candles was a hit amongst my friends and I, but everything in the shop is a treasure.

Greg and Sabrenia also gave us free cheese straws and pound cake for the road. The Barefoot Belle is a must-shop for Alabama adventurers.

2. The treehouse Airbnb!

Treehouse Airbnb
My treehouse Airbnb in Hope Hull, Alabama. Photo by Libby Foster for The Bama Buzz.

To our pleasant surprise, our Airbnb was less than twenty minutes from The Barefoot Belle. Shrouded in Spanish moss and twinkling lights, the treehouse Airbnb in Hope Hull, Alabama is the most unique Airbnb I’ve ever stayed in. The house comfortably sleeps ten, and is suspended by trees and wooden beams alone.

The Pavilion At My Airbnb
My Airbnb came with a pavilion and plenty of views! Photo by Libby Foster for The Bama Buzz.

The treehouse is only half the fun of the Airbnb. It’s located on a beautiful retreat-style property filled with wildflowers, forest paths and ponds.

3. Bibb Street Pizza Company

My Order At Bibb St. Pizza.
My order at Bibb St. Pizza. Yum! Photo by Libby Foster for The Bama Buzz.

My friends and I started to get hungry, so we headed to Montgomery’s Bibb Street Pizza Co. for dinner. I ordered two slices of cheese pizza with pesto, black olives and sundried tomatoes. It was some of the best pizza I’ve had in Alabama–Bibb does it right with classic New York style za and a bomb marinara sauce. Thin crust, big flavor!

4. Alabama Safari Park

Zebra At The Alabama Safari Park.
Zebras come right up to your car at the Alabama Safari Park! Photo by Libby Foster for The Bama Buzz.

After a bittersweet checkout from our Airbnb, my friends and I were ready for another adventure. We headed to the Alabama Safari Park with no expectations. As soon as we entered, our car was surrounded by water buffalo, rheas (South American ostriches) and llamas. Towards the middle of the drive, we met some friendly zebras. We laughed and screamed more than we had all semester.

Giraffes At The Alabama Safari Park
My friends and I loved the giraffes at the Alabama Safari Park. Photo by Libby Foster for The Bama Buzz.

The Alabama Safari Park’s giraffe tower was also a highlight. I’ve never been so close to my favorite animal—they ate right from my hands.

5. J.W. Beverette’s Soul Food

Wings At Jw Everette'S Soul Food
Southern BBQ wings at J.W. Beverette’s Soul Food. Photo by Libby Foster for The Bama Buzz.

By the time we finished the safari, we were feeling quite hungry. We headed back into Montgomery for some soul food at the legendary J.W. Beverette’s. I got the fish sandwich, but my best friend’s southern BBQ wings were the star of the show. The restaurant’s mac & cheese and mashed potatoes were also highlights.

Once again, this weekend proved that Alabama is full of secret spots waiting to be discovered.

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