New $1.50 on-demand rideshare service launches in Montgomery

Downtown Montgomery
Downtown Montgomery has a new way to get a ride. (The Bama Buzz)

If you’re in a pinch and need a ride, you probably think of Uber and Lyft. However, even a quick drive can add up with those services. That’s why Montgomery’s new microtransit service is such a game-changer for downtown travel. Here’s what you need to know.

The M: Micro Transit in Montgomery

Yes, you read the headline right. Rides on Montgomery’s new on-demand rideshare service, called “The M: Micro Transit,” are just $1.50. Here’s how it works.

  • Download the app on Google Play, the Apple Store or create an account online.
  • Book a ride on-demand or up to 7 days in advance online, through the app or by phone.
  • Your booking specifies a 10-minute window for pickup, and you get an updated ETA closer to arrival time.
  • Once the driver arrives, you have two minutes to board before the van leaves.

As reported by the Montgomery Advertiser, there are currently two micro transit vehicles servicing the downtown and Regional Airport areas.

Montgomery has been on the cutting edge of transportation for a long time

This isn’t the first time that Montgomery has been an innovator in the transportation industry. In 1886, they started the Capital City Street Railway Co., becoming the first city in the nation to initiate an electric streetcar system (Encyclopedia of Alabama).

With The M: Micro Transit, Montgomery continues to innovate in the modern age. This new option will allow Montgomery locals and visitors to get an affordable, on-demand ride with shorter wait times.

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