NEW: Alabama’s first Graze Craze is coming soon

Sliced Fruits On Brown Wooden Bowl
Photo by Anto Meneghini on Unsplash

If charcuterie boards seem like they already had their moment—think again. The charcuterie craze is still alive and well, evidence by a growing chain of customizable boards, Graze Craze. Keep reading for details on their first Alabama location.

What is Graze Craze?

Tapping into the trendy “grazing” concept that’s been all over your social media feed, Graze Craze creates custom charcuterie boxes and boards. Plus, they offer unique creations like Grab and Graze boxes and Char-Cutie-Cups (because why shouldn’t you be able to have a charcuterie all to yourself?).

Graze Craze’s beautiful boards and boxes are composed of all your charcuterie favorites—fruit, thin-sliced meats, fresh veggies, breads and crackers, chocolates, pickles and cheeses. They offer signature boards like the Game Day Board, Brunch Board, Vegegrazian, Gone Grazey and more.

Founded by an Air Force veteran in 2018, Graze Craze has been expanding throughout the States with locations all across the US—from Alaska to Florida. Now, they’re coming to Alabama.

When + where you can find the new Graze Craze in Mobile

Get ready to graze, Mobile. The first Alabama location for this chain is coming to Mobile. Here are the details:

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