New book from civil rights lawyer Fred Gray tells the story of Alabama v. King

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History to remember. (Pat Byington / The Bama Buzz)

On May 24, 2022, civil rights lawyer and former Alabama Representative Fred Gray and author Dan Abrams published a new book about the Alabama v. King trial. The book, titled “Alabama v. King: Martin Luther King Jr. and the Criminal Trial That Launched the Civil Rights Movement,” tells the story of the landmark case that helped propel Martin Luther King Jr. into the national spotlight. Read more to learn about this new book!

Who is Fred Gray?

Born in Montgomery, Fred Gray is a civil rights attorney, preacher, activist and former member of the Alabama House of Representatives. As an attorney, Gray defended 15-year-old bus boycotter Claudette Colvin and later Rosa Parks, and later fought to have the NAACP organized in Alabama after the group was banned in the state. During his career, Gray helped to desegregate over 100 Alabama school systems, including Auburn University and the University of Alabama. 

However, the subject of “Alabama v. King” is Gray’s defense of Martin Luther King, Jr. during Alabama v. King

Alabama v. King

Boycott Mural
A mural of remembrance. (The Bama Buzz)

In “Alabama v. King”, Gray tells his unique perspective on the landmark Alabama v. King trial. The book includes trial transcripts, witness testimonies and Mr. Gray’s personal recollections about the case. 

#DYK: Out of the 89 people arrested at the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Dr. King’s case was the only one to ever go to trial.

In this book, Gray believes Alabama v King was a turning point in Civil Rights history that made Dr. King the iconic face of the movement.

“It certaintly is accurate to say that none of the people who picked Dr. King thought of him as someone who would lead Black folks all over the country. We were just dealing with the situation on the buses in Montgomery. It was only later that we understood that this sort of casual selction had made all the difference in the world.”

Fred Gray

This is a firsthand account of Alabama v. King that’s a must-read for history lovers. You can purchase this book now.

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