New bookstore + cafe opening soon in Ashville


If you’ve ever dreamed of a spot where you can read, chat with friends, grab coffee and wine down, I’ve got good news. Lala’s is a coming-soon spot in Alabama where you’ll be able to enjoy all of the above. Here’s what you need to know.

The story of Lala’s in Ashville

Lala'S Ashville
Lala’s is a bookstore and cafe. (Lala’s / Facebook)

Heather Warren and Holli Smith, the co-owners of Lala’s, have been dreaming of opening a space like this for a while now.

Warren and Smith are known as the Webb Sisters in their hometown and the home of their new business—Ashville, Alabama. They’re both high school teachers there, but they are ready for a new adventure.

“They have always believed they could combine their love of reading, eating, wine tasting and gathering together with friends into a business for their retirement years. When the opportunity to purchase a building in downtown Ashville presented itself, they jumped at the chance!”

Lala’s on Facebook

Here are some of the ways you’ll be able to enjoy the space:

  • Lunch
  • Coffee
  • Books + book clubs
  • Trivia nights
  • Wine + beer tastings
  • Private events

If you’re curious about the name, here’s the story:

“When Holli had her son Zander in 2014, he absolutely adored his older cousin Haleigh, Heather’s daughter. When Zander started talking, he started calling Haleigh ‘Lala,’ so the nickname stuck! Sadly in 2018, Haleigh passed away at the age of 19. Haleigh loved reading, music, trivia, traveling, and trying new foods, so her memory will definitely live on through Lala’s.”

Lala’s on Facebook

When + where you can find Lala’s

The team behind Lala’s has been working hard on transforming the space into a welcoming, warm community hub, and they’re close to opening. Stay tuned for the official opening date!

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