NEW: Lana Del Rey shops at a Russellville boutique

Lana Del Rey 2
Taylor Hallman was “stunned” to meet Lana Del Rey. (Taylor Hallman)

Fans have been keeping tabs on Lana Del Rey’s wanderings about Alabama, hoping for a chance to meet her. One such fan, Taylor Hallman, got that chance at Maggie J’s, a Russellville boutique.

The famous singer-songwriter has made quite a stir by appearing at “ordinary” places like Starbucks, a nail salon and Waffle House—meeting fans, posing for pictures and spreading kindness. Read on to for details on the new sighting.

The latest Lana Del Rey sighting at Maggie J’s

Lana Del Rey 2
Hallman had the unexpected chance to meet Lana Del Rey at Maggie J’s Boutique. (Taylor Hallman)

It was Tax-Free Weekend, so Maggie J’s, a boutique in Russellville, Alabama, was busy. Taylor Hallman was the only one working that day, so she didn’t have much time to notice a special guest perusing the racks.

She noticed one customer wasn’t, “from around here,” but she was too busy to ask where she was from. It wasn’t until Lana Del Rey checked out that she got to talk with the famous singer-songwriter—casually asking her about her summer and where she was from and not realizing who she was.

“She said she was from somewhere in New York and it was like really cold there.”

Taylor Hallman, employee at Maggie J’s Boutique

Hallman commented that she must be enjoying the Alabama warmth, after which she asked why the customer—who she still did not recognize—was visiting Alabama.

“I want to say that she was visiting her sister’s husband—I think that’s what she said, but I could have heard her wrong.”

Taylor Hallman, employee at Maggie J’s Boutique

They continued talking as Hallman rang up Lana Del Rey’s new jeans, bracelet, costume necklaces, two accessory bags and coffee cup. When she printed her receipt, she was stunned at the name she saw.

A hug + a quick pic

Lana Del Rey. The name on the receipt took Hallman by surprise.

“I just started freaking out…I was kind of like stunned…She just looked like one of our regular customers shopping, so I didn’t think anything of it.”

Taylor Hallman, employee at Maggie J’s Boutique

After Hallman realized who she had been chatting with, she asked her for a quick picture. Lana Del Rey walked around the corner, gave her a hug and Hallman snapped the picture. Lana Del Rey reportedly remarked, “That’s so cute!”

“Yeah she was so nice, she was very nice… Most people you can tell that they’re famous—she was not like that. She was just like a normal person. Like I think most people are trying real hard to look for her, but I don’t think that’s how they’re going to find her.”

Taylor Hallman, employee at Maggie J’s Boutique

Previous sightings

Lana Del Rey
Lana’s visit to Florence, Alabama has sparked a lot of conversation. (Bailey Dewberry)

Hallman is right—fans haven’t spotted her by trying to find her. Instead, they’ve spotted her in some seemingly random spots.

As we reported last week on Bham Now, Lana Del Rey was spotted at multiple locations around Alabama prior to her Maggie J’s shopping trip.

Fans are buzzing most about her time at Waffle House in Florence, Alabama. No, she didn’t just order waffles—she served them. Decked out in a Waffle House uniform, Lana Del Rey talked with customers and temporary coworkers.

But Lana hasn’t just visited North Alabama. Fans spotted her at both Starbucks and a nail salon in Birmingham last week.

It seems Lana Del Rey was foreshadowing her rovings in her latest album, “Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd.

“Then I went to see some friends of mine

Down in Florence, Alabama.”

From “Paris, Texas” by Lana Del Rey

It seems like Lana Del Rey has made some new Alabama friends beyond Florence, too.

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