NEW: Shipley Do-Nuts eyes Alabama for expansion—see if your city is on the list

Shipley Do-Nuts
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Out of Shipley Do-Nuts’ 330+ locations, only one of them is currently in Alabama. But it seems that’s about to change, as Shipley Do-Nuts has several “hot markets” it’s looking to open franchises in throughout the state. Here’s what you need to know.

Shipley Do-nuts’ expansion in Alabama

In 1936, Lawrence Shipley Sr. started selling donuts wholesale for five cents a dozen. Years later, he opened the very first Shipley Do-Nuts in Houston. Many years later, in 2023, Shipley Do-Nuts still makes their best-selling, classic hot glazed donuts—along with 60+ more flavors of donuts, kolaches and pastries.

Though Shipley Do-Nuts now has over 330 locations, the name probably isn’t too familiar to Alabamians, who can only get them at one location in Hoover.

However, Shipley Do-Nuts is looking to change that.

“[we] have identified the friendly state of Alabama as perfect for our brand.”

Shipley Do-Nuts’ website

On their website, they list 31 cities throughout the state as “Hot Markets Now” for franchise opportunities. From Decatur to Dothan, they cover a lot of ground with this list.

Where you can find Shipley Do-Nuts in Alabama right now

While we wait for Shipley Do-Nuts to arrive in more locations throughout Alabama, there is one location here that you can enjoy right now.

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