NEW: Smalls Sliders to open four Alabama locations

Smalls Sliders
(Smalls Sliders)

A chain with a vision to “Be the cheeseburger slider brand that shakes up the big burger industry” is coming to Alabama. Keep reading for all the details on Smalls Sliders’ debut in four locations throughout the state.

What is Smalls Sliders?

Smalls Sliders’ menu is, well, small. Here’s what’s on it:

  • Smalls Slider—with a toasted butter bun, cheese, pickles + their secret sauce
  • Smalls Fries—waffle fries with signature seasoning
  • Shakes—in vanilla, chocolate + cookies n’ cream flavors

Of course, their combos allow for some creativity—make it a Biggie Smalls (a double slider), add bacon or get your fries the Smalls Way (covered in secret sauce + queso).

The secret sauce? It’s called “Smauce®,” and it’s the only thing you’ll want to dip your sliders and fries in.

Dropping into four Alabama locations

Each time a new Smalls Sliders comes to a new city, they say it’s “dropped”—and they mean it literally. With each location composed of shipping containers, or “cans,” Smalls Sliders restaurants have a striking (and very orange) design.

According to QSR Magazine, Smalls Sliders plans to “drop” in four Alabama cities:

  • Montgomery
  • Prattville
  • Auburn
  • Troy

Smalls Sliders Auburn is expected to open summer 2024, the first opening of the four new locations.

With several Smalls Sliders open in Louisiana and one in Mississippi, Alabama is a part of Smalls’ expansion, which includes a host of “dropping soon” locations across the Southeast region.

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