NEW: The Butcher’s Chuckwagon is a unique dining experience in Cullman—here’s what’s on the menu

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There’s nothing like summer barbecue in Alabama. (The Butcher’s Chuckwagon / Facebook)

Summer in Alabama means that it’s barbecue season. In Vinemont, Alabama (near Cullman), one couple is setting a high standard for barbecue with their new food truck, The Butcher’s Chuckwagon. Here’s what you need to know about the new spot.

It’s an extension of The Butcher Meat Co.

The Butcher'S Chuckwagon
Owners Justin and Kadi Smith know meat. (The Butcher’s Chuckwagon / Facebook)

Last year, husband-and-wife team Justin and Kadi Smith started their own full-service butcher shop in Vinemont, Alabama.

Justin Smith brought his 16 years of meat-cutting experience to The Butcher Meat Co. His wife, Kadi, owns her own cake-baking business called Kadi Kakes. Together, they embarked on a new adventure bringing fresh-cut meat to the community.

Now, a year after opening their butcher shop, they’re starting yet another adventure—The Butcher’s Chuckwagon.

They serve their own brisket, ribeye + more

They take their menu items to the next level. (The Butcher’s Chuckwagon / Facebook)

The Butcher’s Chuckwagon—the Smiths’ new food truck—takes their passion for meat a bit further. Here are some over-the-top dishes that you can find on their menu.

  • Prime Rib Sandwich: Smoke prime rib sautĂ©ed in beef tallow, topped with caramelized onions + peppers, smoked gouda and housemade horseradish aioli—all in one sandwich
  • Loaded Tater Keg: Bacon, cheddar + chive “tater kegs” topped with pulled pork or brisket, smoked gouda cheese sauce, bacon bits, barbecue sauce + chives
  • Smoked Chicken Salad Sandwich: Smoked chicken salad with toasted almonds, apple, lettuce + tomato served on wheat berry bread

They also serve up classics (done right) like smoked chicken wings, smoked brisket and their signature Chuck Wagon Smash Burger.

Hungry? Here’s where you can find the Chuckwagon.

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